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    For those that have compared the Quilter 101R and TB202 - is the upgrade worthwhile? What surprised you most about the difference in the two amps? I have the 101R and a BlockDock 12 HD with the stock Celestion BN12-300S. Trying to decide if it's worth upgrading to the TB202. I could also see integrating a Strymon Iridium with the TB202. If anybody has any experience with that I would love to hear about it.

    I also have a Quilter Micropro Mach 2, a Fender Blues Jr and a new Fender Deluxe Tonemaster. Trying to "thin the herd and ere's my dilemma I'm trying to sort out:

    • Playing in with a drummer + backing tracks or bass player with pop and jazz instrumentals that would be winery, restaurant background music when that is allowed to occur. In the meantime we did 2 outdoor driveway gigs with a singer doing some older folky / rock tunes. For these gigs I used a Quilter MicroPro Mach 2 8" - with just 2 or 6 button quilter pedal (no HXFX not analog pedal board) - worked ok but ....
      • Preferred the Tweed or Full Q - Surf sound too sterile the sounds just felt stiff and lacking in character - less so than my tweed Blues Jr.
      • I am just not a fan of a closed back amps - so the MP2 is likley going to 1 amp that gets sold

    • Footnote: pre-Covid my primary gig for the past 10 years has been playing at church 2 or 3 times a month. In the last year I landed on the following: Styrmon Iridium and Line 6 HX FX. I had cycled thru attempts with Helix but the Iridium ended up being more "plug and play" between home sounds and at church.

    So I started on a journey for another option and now I have too many options...

    Fender Deluxe Tonemaster

    • Sounds so much more open than the MP2
    • Have not gigged with this but recording direct at home the DI with 2 IRs sound better than the MP2 direct

    Quilter 101R and BlockDock 12

    • Sounds similar the Fender and it feels like the open back breathes more than MP2
    • Lacks XLR out - via FX Send or Return can go DI but I haven't taken the time to really test it out

    I could stay with these 2 options and really test out at gigs this summer before deciding if its either / or choice or keep both.

    However, I do feel a need to thin the herd and downsize a bit so enter the idea of Quilter Toneblock 202....with the FRFR voicing, Cab Sim and XLR out. Does it makes sense to swap the 101R for Toneblock 202 for more options in voices and DI / FRFR and better cab sim than the 101R? This could also allow for integrating the Iridium back in either by choice or as a backup.

    At this point I can't see getting rid of the FDTM over the 101R/BlockDock but I'm wondering if swapping in the TB202 would make me think otherwise.


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    I've own a bunch of Quilters Aviator 1x8" Combo,1x12"Combo, and a TB202,
    These work really well for all my needs. The 101 was underpowered imo. Even in the Surf setting, not enough headroom for an outdoor gig.

    But I like having a lot of Clean headroom available vs Breakup Clean when pushing the amp. So what works for me is to always err on higher power when given the choice.

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    TBlock 202 in BlockDock 12HD is a great amp.

    If you haven't found it yet, check this thread with a really fine demo of 202 by Tim Lerch, but through BDock10. And also my first few posts when I got my 202 & BDock 12.

    Quilter Tone Block 202

    Unfortunately I have no experience with the 101.