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    Does anyone know of a source for buttons that fit Wilkinson tuners? I have a guitar with Wilkinson tuners, and they work fine, but the buttons are ugly and cheap-looking. I'd like something better. The problem is that the shafts are only 2.9mm on the flat sides, and 3.6mm for the round. Gotoh buttons will certainly go on, and I've used some, but they have larger holes, and there is so much slop that it makes tuning difficult. I've tried putting some paper around the shaft, but that doesn't work well. I've spent days searching the internet for buttons with the correct size holes, but have found none. Everything seems to be made for Gotoh or Grover (even bigger shafts). Schaller seems to be the same size as Gotoh. I can't find any definitive information about Sperzel, but I'm guessing they're the same as either Gotoh or Grover. I tried some Grover Mini buttons, and they're also much too large. I'm not going to buy a complete set of tuners just for buttons, as I already have a more than adequate supply. It would be nice if all manufacturers used the same size shafts, and it would also be nice if everyone had a unicorn in the back yard.


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    I'm on thin ice here, but wouldn't strong epoxy or even high-viscosity superglue (like Zap-A-Gap) make it happen? Should next gen hate your buttons, it's their problem - decades ahead.

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    no you don't want to use super glue!...if you can't find proper replacement, you could try plumbers teflon tape...wrap the shafts



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    Dripping superglue into the tuners is not my idea of a good idea. I still need the tuners to operate.
    Teflon tape isn't that durable. It's good for creating seals in stationary connections because it deforms so easily, but I don't think it would last long with the constant movement through tuning. I have it on hand, along with lots of other possibilities, but I really want proper buttons. I would like Imperials or ebony, but I would consider almost any color/shape, as long as they fit.

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    Here’s a thought:

    Take the Gotoh buttons, tape up one side, and carefully fill the hole with epoxy. After it cures, you can drill it out to any diameter you want.

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    Perhaps not as far as you but I’ve been down that road before. I gave up and just got the tuners that I wanted. I think that Hipshot and Grover will have the most interchangeable button choices FWIW.

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    Rounds of household aluminum foil? 0.016 mm thick, bends sharply over the shaft's angles. A whiff of sprayed contact cement on one side of the strip could keep the wrap tight.

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    I don't quite have the capability to drill the holes properly. Replaceable tuner button holes are not round, they're flat on opposite sides. And they require the proper holes in the top to fit the screws. Epoxy is a non-starter. I appreciate all the suggestions, but again I'm looking for proper tuner buttons, not kludges. I have several other sets of tuners, but none of them match the rest of the guitar. I'm just not in the mood to buy any more tuners, I have plenty. For now it looks like the original fugly buttons will have to do. I always favor function over looks, and these perform as they should.