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    Anyone have experience with both of these options? This is for at home, low volume, guitar is Heritage 575 archtop. Mach2 Combo would be 8 or 10 inch.

    Thank you,
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    Both are great rigs! [I prefer the 101 + RE]

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    I ended up ordering a Stealth 10 and Luna 200R, arrives soon.

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    That should be a great combination. I've been wanting a Luna for some time, but I can't justify another amp, although Mark Kleinhaut keeps on tempting me. I have a Stealth10ER, and it's a wonderful cabinet. I make do with my ancient Clarus Series 1 head, which in truth is more than good enough for what I can do. I owned a Quilter 101 for awhile, but I couldn't get a sound I liked out of it, and sold it.

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    That is my go-to daily setup - a 101 Reverb and a 10" Raezer's Edge cab with my ES-175. You can't go wrong. And the 101 is not just a low volume practice head, although it can certainly be that. I have gigged in all different settings with this combination - with a large jazz orchestra, small combos in restaurants, solo gigs. If I want to record direct, you can run out of the 101's Return jack into your DAW. This isn't my favorite direct sound, but works in a pinch. Also, Pat Quilter is a genius and they have outstanding customer service.

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    I use a 101R with an Ear Candy Mr Watts clone (ported 8") and it sounds great. I also have used it with an open back 10" with good results but at bedroom levels, the 8" is plenty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulsomlo
    I ended up ordering a Stealth 10 and Luna 200R, arrives soon.
    I have this rig, too! You'll love it!

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    I use a Quilter 101R with a V boutique cab that I can insert the head into. 12 inch Cannabis Rex speaker.
    It's not my main amp(1960 Ampeg Mercury) but I can get it to sound quite similar.
    Cabinets and speakers make a huge difference with the Quilter.
    It should sound great with a Reazers Edge.
    For jazz tone, I Keep the gain low(9 o'clock) and turn the master up.
    I do the opposite for other styles and guitars.
    I find it helps to use a subtle compressor to get some of the tube amp feel.
    The Luna does seem interesting as well.