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    i am playing and studying guitar again after about 20 years of ignoring it(I was learning sax and finally did a jazz degree). Now luckily i have a basic practice setup consisting in a Squier Mascis Jazzmaster that i connect to my ipad throu a Line 6 sonic port and then use whatever software is avaliable there with headphones or connected to any external speaker. It works but i have seen a Mooer sd30 for sale which would have its own modelling amps and also effects and...a looper, which i would like to have(i haven´t found a software on the ipad that worked for me). Also the Mooer comes with a pedalboard(both of them together at a cheap price) so i think it would help controlling the looper and make my practice time more efficient and less messy than pushing buttons in an ipad or dealing with all the connections i have now.
    What´s your opinion on the Mooer? Also if you had any other recomendation regarding my setup..please let me know.

    Lot of other questions in my mind that would post in the right places.
    Thanks to all of you!


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    Well, i talked to a friend and he recommend me to think other options as well, like a small tube amp like the Harley Benton 5w. So i don´t know, i am open to suggestions.
    I have a booth at home with an speaker connected to my ipad, which i use to transcribe and practice saxophone. I plan to practice there and also outside in the living room. I would like to think about playing with others but i suspect that would not happen in the near future.

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    Folowing my monologue here haha..After thinking a bit i am going to put some more money and buy the Boss Katana head which seems a versatile option for now and the future. Thanks for reading.

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    My daughter and I use a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III and it sounds great clean. Yes, they are loud and the volume knob increases the volume with the smallest amount, but adding a simple pot into the effects loop allows much better control of the volume. Best of all, used HRD amps are readily available around $300-350 and resale is around $300-350 if you want a different amp later.

    There are many other models of amps to choose from, both tube and digital. I always try to buy used to save money and reduce loss with resale.

    Have fun playing guitar!
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    Thanks Steve!
    I am also buying the Katana in the second hand market for a nice price and it comes with the boss pedalboard also. I know the little speaker it comes with is not the best but i will see if it works for me at home. If not i would buy a 1x12 later, maybe the Harley Benton Vintage 112.

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    I’m happy with my Fender GT-40. It’s been great for at home practice and has lots of built in amps and effects. I really only play it in one clean setting but it’s nice to have the ability to dial in other sounds with the turn of a knob or the app.

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    I don't know much about the Mooer amps but a lot of people like the pedals. They are usually clones/copies of gear. EHX sued them and won... pretty difficult considering they're based in China.

    If you're looking for a looper Ditto, Boss RC3, or EHX 720 are all good starting points. I think it's worth getting one that has a dedicated stop switch... but if you're just using it for practice the original Ditto is pretty great.

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    Katana amps got some nice reviews on this site. Katana 50 and 100

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    Today i took the head home and i am only learning how to setup the thing but it feels just perfect for me right now and the speaker works nice at home for studying. Will save some money or sell some sax stuff(mouthpieces, sax players will know haha) i have there unused for the looper.
    Thanks all for your inputs!