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    On my shelf there is a spare Benedetto A6. It was in my Epi Joe Pass, but I liked much more my Eastman 371 with the factory PU. So it seemed it was a waste to have the $150 PU in the Epi. Btw, the 2nd PU, so the switch and even the tone pot was completly wired out in the Epi, only the Benedetto A6 and the volume pot remained as an experiment.

    I did not remembered so much the Epi original sound, it was years ago, and that time I had no decent amp, now I have the DV Mark. It is scary how poor Epi degraded without the Benedetto, now I see the diffrence.

    Anyway, I did not planned the change the factory PU in the 175 like Eastman, because I love it. Stiil... recently I am playing with the thought. In parallel I have an other experiment with electronics. Recently I got a Godin, and I realized, I never thought such kind of quality pots exist :-) It is joy to adjust them, not talking about that the ugly usual effect of the tone pots, they behave in the last few millimeters of turn is comletely missing...

    So the plan is formulated its final form: I will change the complete wireing, 2 pots and capacitor and wires when changing to the Benedetto.

    I would like to buy a complete kit for one PU, no switch, it is a 371, not 372. Any thoughts are welcomed, EU shops preferrred, but in case only US product is suitable, I order from US.

    ..and in general, what do you think about a Benedetto in a 175 style instrument, is it a match, or have doubts?


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    I've always done my own wiring, so I have no recommendations for a complete kit. I think the A6 will sound good in almost any guitar.

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    I'd recommend CTS 500K audio taper pots and .022 mF capacitor (any kind will work; the importance is the value of the capacitor and not whether it is a ceramic, paper and oil, etc., capacitor. $.79 or $7.90 doesn't make a difference). Gibson traditionally used braided shielded cable which is moderately easy to work with, but shielded two-conductor wire such as Mogami is also fine.