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    Long story short... it's like a Princeton Reverb, but with more mids, less treble, and the same amount of bass. OH- and when you crank it up loud enough to start driving a little, IMO it's overdrive is much nicer than a Princetons, which I find ratty and cheap-sounding. I think the Supro, with it's midd-y tonal profile (meaning it's NOT mid-scooped like blackface Fenders), would work well for jazz tones. (not that the Princeton doesn't, but I'm a Kenny Burrell fan, as well as Charlie Christian, I like fat mids and I cannot lie LOL)

    Obligatory picture, albeit with my tele:

    Supro Tremoverb-supro-jpg


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    Ooh! That is gorgeous! Does it have record outs?

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    No lol. Not even an effects loop. It's a "student" amp, just like the Princeton reverb.

    No master volume, bass, treble, verb, speed, depth. That's it. 10" speaker. Heavier than it looks, I wonder if it's got big iron, because it SOUNDS like big iron (amp has a bigger sound than it's size would lead you to believe)

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    I have a friend and colleague who has an original Supro like yours that he uses for practice, and recording and the occasional gig. It sounds freakin' great!

    Congratulations on a great amp, and play it in good health!