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    Is there a Hekselman fanatic around that might know what pedals he's using on his solo in vBlues? I have little experience with pedals and no idea how to cop a sound. If I could get a 335 style axe to make tones similar to Gilad's it would be a step toward guitar nirvana.

    Solo at 3:50 -

    Pic of of gear in 2018:

    Gilad Hekselman's Gear - Jazz Apparatus
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    Check this video out, if you haven't already. The most useful tip pedal-wise I got from Gilad was the Boss polyphonic octaver. Regarding overdrive, not sure what he's using but I can tell you an archtop through the "dyna amp" setting on my Roland amp really surprised me - harmonically rich overdrive that I hadn't experienced with a solid body.