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    Sounds like? Any Sad Semi players care to chime in (bad pun!) on the tones from the bridge PU?

    I have a Jim Hall and it's the roundest, softest toned jazz box I own! So I'm afraid if I get the Semi it will be too similar to the JH and won't have a completely "second" guitar. Get my meaning?

    I'm looking for a light semi-hollow. My Ibanez SA200 at 8lb 9oz and my Heritage 555 at 8lb 6oz are driving knives into my shoulder after an hour or so. The 5lb 15oz Jim Hall not so much.

    All comments appreciated, thanks!


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    What I’ve read is that both the neck and bridge pickups in the Semi-Hollow are slightly tweaked versions of the DiMarzio 36th Anniversary. That might help you get an idea of the sound.