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    Just got this old Suzuki (c. 1980) dreadnought back from storage in an old house where it's been subjected unattended to mind bending oscillations in temperature and humidity over a period of at least 5 years. I was expecting the worst, but here she is!


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    not shocked...a mentor of mine had a suzuki acoustic back in the 70's...great workhorse acoustic...& recorded well too

    enjoy it


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    That's a keeper! My mid-'60s ES-345TDSV and my '66 Custom Telecaster, bought by me in the '80s and '90s, respectively both came with 0.011 flats and the hang tags. They were both still in tune.

    So I guess the best place to store guitars is under the bed.
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    I’ve got an old Suzuki dreadnought too, sounds quite good, I’ve had it for about 40 years!

    Old Suzuki almost in tune after 5 years-e41136ed-04af-4494-8be1-70d1db95b5e3-jpeg

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    The model nº is WE-150. Some guy was asking $948.31CAD for his - is that a lot? LOL. That does come with a Canadian made hardshell case, which are absolutely wonderful (my Heritage had one).

    btw, the "mutant right hand" in the clip would appear to be a light effect. I just checked in normal light

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    I’ve got one too, but smaller. Picked up at auction with a Yamaki Folk DeLuxe. Both need te-bridging and possibly re-bracing. But I cynically just try to make max $$ out of them so I can buy a decent semi hollow.... So thanks for showing how good it is!

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