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    I've been getting static lately, which I wasn't getting before.
    Doing an online search, I've discovered that it is fairly common with these amps.

    I thought I had a bad cord and switched it out. No static. Problem solved! Until the static started with the other cord too.

    The wiring in my condo hasn't changed lately, so I don't know why the static would start up now.

    I have a Polytone in storage and will pick that up when I soon fetch the Christmas decorations. We'll see if that amp produces static.

    Amp static? (Fender Mustang I v 2 modelling amp)-img_2564-jpg


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    I have the mustang 3 Mark....and its super quiet.....never a issue with this amp.....

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    You might better describe what you mean by “static”. Some plastic pickguards can pick up a charge while playing and create static, but I don’t know if that’s the type of sound you’re referring to.

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    I made a recording this morning with my phone and it was as Steely Dan's "FM": no static at all!

    As for what I mean by static, it's like in old phone lines. It's not constant. It's not a constant hum or buzz. More of a crackling. Not like a short, no loss of the basic sound, just an envelope of static. Which comes and goes....