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    Okay, so it's not really a jazz axe, but pretty excited waiting, should be here this Saturday. After 60 years of playing without owning a 12 fret (except for classicals). now I will have two. Got an Orpheum OOO 12 fret in the spring, enjoyed it so much I sprang for its dreadnaught brother.
    Guild Orpheum 12 fret dread-dscn1668-jpg Guild Orpheum 12 fret dread-dscn1670-jpgGuild Orpheum 12 fret dread-dscn1676-jpg


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    wow. i looked long and hard for a 14 fret orpheum and came up short. prices are a little more manageable these days. i saw more 12 fretters out there for whatever reason. but i already have a 12 fret slope (yairi) so i wanted to avoid redundancy.

    anyhow, a guild, an orpheum, a slope, a 12 fretter, with hog back and sides? that's going to punch a hole in wall across the room. you're probably looking at limitless power and headroom here. i tune mine down from b flat to d and it's a monster. i'll bet you'll be pleased. please keep us posted.

    i kinda wish guild did more stuff like this with their current factory but they've kept it pretty bread and butter.

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    When I was looking for 12 fret dread, I saw more 14 fret than 12. Since I already have two nice dreads (Guild D55 and Pawless Mesquite Special), I decided on the 12 fret.

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    Magnificent! Congratulations, and play it in good health!

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    how funny. i got my yairi 12 fret because i couldn't find a j45 worth a crap and i couldn't afford an orpheum. then those got discontinued, but it stuck in my mind. when i launched another nationwide search for a slope earlier this year, i opened it up to regular dreads, too. and i saw most orpheums except a 14 fret hog model, which would have been my preference. go figure. ended up with another yairi. guess you can just never find what you're looking for. maybe things find you when they are ready for you.

    at any rate, i'm excited for you. these are criminally underrepresented in terms of clips and videos, so you're welcome to do that, too. however, orpheums all share one glaring flaw (i've read), but it escapes me at the moment. either the tuners or the cases were trash. the guild board should have all the details, but let's hope that isn't the case. i hope it smells nice, too.

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    The cases and tuners both get bad reviews. Maybe Ren was duplicating the good and the bad of the pre-war designs.

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    I have a Larrivee SD 50 12 fret sloped shoulder mahog dread. Love it. Now I have a Taylor 12 fret 312CE. 12 fret is a fever.

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    Gas attack coming on.

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    “ ...maybe things find you when they are ready for you.”


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    That's an especially shapely guitar there, brad4dB!
    Oh, excuse me, sorry, a mild bit of GAS.

    Enjoy in good health.

    I've got a lovely 12 fret parlor, nothing bigger.

    However I do own an example that rare species,
    more elusive even than the fabled, mythic Left-Handed Redhead (my Erotic Ideal):
    a 13-fret '24 L-2.