Hi all,

I have been procrastinating on upgrading the bridge on my Ibanez AF71F. After about a year and a half of owning it, I replaced the stock tune-o-matic bridge with a rosewood one with a bone insert. I chose that one because I’ve been told it’s resonant like rosewood or ebony, but is brighter. The stock bridge seemed to dampen the resonance of the guitar acoustically.

The difference in quality of tone was significant. There is a bit more projection as well. It doesn’t sound like a carved top guitar but the sound is significantly better and more rich acoustically. Plugged in, the sound is warmer and the harshness from the metal bridge is gone. The intonation isn’t too far off, I haven’t noticed any glaring issues. The biggest thing I hated about the metal bridge was that the screws would rattle on certain notes.

Here’s a video demo of the guitar.

Knowing I would never change back to the metal bridge, I threw it in the garbage, so unfortunately I can’t do an A/B demo.

My 10 year old MacBook is having trouble opening some webpages including this one, so I’m using my iOS device to post here and it’s not letting me embed photos into this post, so I created an Instagram link/post with photos.

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