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    It is a rare day when a good guitar leaves me and another one arrives, and they are not part of the same transaction. Between pick ups and drop offs and a challenging work day in between, I had almost no time with this beauty when it arrived yesterday. Now that I have had some time to fully put it through its paces, I can see that I have found a gem!

    This is a 2019 Jose Gonzalez built in the famous shop of Antonio Marin, who is Jose’s uncle. The top is German spruce. The back and sides are Indian Rosewood. The graduated, figured maple back strip is a very elegant and beautiful touch. It has a cedar neck and ebony fretboard and face on the peg head. It has a light French polish that looks beautiful and allows for maximum resonance. A few early observations: This the most dynamic guitar I have ever played. Notes ring loud and clear with the lightest touch or a rigorous rasgueado. And, it is exceptionally loud when pushed. It has amazing sustain. Chords just ring and ring. There is great note separation and a beautiful, complex, colorful tone. The only thing I don’t like is that I was surprised that many of the fret ends are a little sharp and need additional filing. I didn’t expect that on a guitar of this caliber.

    This is the first really high end flamenco guitar I have owned, and It is every bit as good as I expected. It also makes me appreciate my Hermanos Camps Primera Blanca, which holds up well in the comparison. The Camps has a reputation for punching above its weight class, and this comparison confirms it for me. It’s nice to have and excellent negra and a high quality less expensive blanca. They are nearly identical in playability with a slight nod to the Gonzalez overall.

    Jose Gonzalez Flamenco Negra-55b8c05c-e8d5-451c-b3e0-be78b6a06c66-jpgJose Gonzalez Flamenco Negra-8d094ee0-e666-47e7-b1e0-121406883645-jpgJose Gonzalez Flamenco Negra-6e6e8ed5-b4e9-47ce-a4f2-68ebfc6af770-jpgJose Gonzalez Flamenco Negra-4a3f87a9-2ae2-4d56-bd68-1385cbfd9d64-jpg


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    A beautiful guitar too! Congratulations on your find Mark!

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    I like flamenco guitars for a lot more than flamenco. Very versatile instruments. Looks great, so, congratulations!

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    BTW, I play a Camps Amazon, their top-of-the-line flamenco negra. Beautifully made, sounds gorgeous.

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    I love Camps guitars, Rob. They are an incredible value.

    And, yes, I think I’m going to find that this Gonzalez will be great for classical and other things. I’m trying to learn some of Ralph Towner’s songs and it will work well for those also.

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    Very nice - congrats!!

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    My classical guitar is a Camps SP6, I’m very pleased with it, I got it about 10 years ago to replace the old Fender classical I’d had since I was a kid (do Fender even make classicals any more?)

    I tried out several guitars in the same price range and the Camps really stood out for me.

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    Exquisite! Congratulations, and play it in good health!