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    Eastman AR380 CE John Pisano Model-dsc_0298-jpg

    I have been gassing after one of these for a while. Shallow, I know, but I think they look great. I previously owned an AR403 and always regret selling it. But I could never quite justify the cost of a new 380 without trying one first - difficult under current circumstances. Now this one came up on ebay at a reasonable and I was smitten. It arrived well set up and plays beautifully. Although it is quite bright, I am getting some nice tones by playing with the amp EQ and enjoy the versatility it offers.
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    Nice! I certainly love my Eastmans.

    Play the heck out of it!

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    Beautiful - enjoy in good health!

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    Those are great guitars. Congratulations.

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    Beautiful !
    This must be an upgrade compared to my AR503CE !
    I guess the acooustic sound you get fromm it is nice too
    Congrats !

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    In these trying times I celebrate all NGD’s. Beautiful guitar! Congratulations!