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    very happy with this setup. Wanted something that i could carry around the house.
    The only time i really have to play and practise is when the kids are in bed/ watching tv, so i was looking for a good sounding headphone solution.
    I’m impressed with the strymon but it was a bit useless for me as a practice amp because it had no aux in.
    Only solution was to drag around the laptop and an audio interface. Then i found out about the darkglass element.
    It’s an IR loader, headphone amp, has bluetooth build in and they just updated the firmware so it’s also an audio interface now.
    Just plug it straight in your computer with a usb c cable and record. Now i can also use pedals after the iridium and still use headphones if i want to.
    So the idea i had was to build a small nano board. But then i needed a smaller power supply.
    The strymon needs between 500ma and the element about 250ma,
    so the only power supply that was small enough and still powerfull enough was the cioks dc7.
    About 244 euro.. which was more then i wanted to spend.
    So than i looked for another solution. To make a long story short i’m now powering the 4 pedals with a battery and it’s working great.
    I played yesterday for a couple of hours and the battery is still 75% charged.
    I can even charge my ipad/phone/macbook pro from the battery if i want to and it’s very easy to remove if I want to
    take it with me on a trip. Total cost of the battery solution was 70euro. Still need to clean up the wires a bit but first wanted to test everything.
    new practice/headphone rig-574c9fc9-d28a-448e-bda8-0892e7ffd44b-jpg
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