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    This is just my short opinion after having the BCH for around two months. I've tried two of my guitars through the amp, a new Tele Performer and an Eastman 372. There is quiet a difference that I hear between the Tele and the 372 in tone and volume between the two guitars. I don't play out anymore and don't care at all for loud volumes, distortion or overdrive except in a rare occasion and even using the 5 watt setting the BCH has way more than enough clean headroom for my likes. I have no idea how the amp would perform in a live setting and don't foresee finding out but for home use it is proving to be all and more than I'd ever need.

    At this point I've yet to be able to dial in the exact tone I'm looking for with the Tele that I'm using 12's on, it sounds pretty good here at home low volume on the Tele but I've yet to find the tone I'd prefer with increased volume experimenting. The Eastman 372 sounds really good at any volume setting, it sounds really good to me in the combination of the acoustic tone and slight amp volume to where both are equally heard. Even with volume increased on amp and 372 it has a nice, clean, full sound.

    I was looking for an amp for low volume home use and I'm perfectly satisfied with the blues cube. So far it's just been easier getting the preferred tone thru the 372 than the Tele due to body styles and the pickups in the two different guitars. So to make a long story longer, if I were to play out at this point I would have no hesitation taking the 372 and BCH but would probably feel more comfortable taking my BF Super with my Tele that is if I can can still pick up my Super haha but I'll need to keep fiddling around with the settings as the Tele sound is pretty close now but not right in the sweet spot like the 372 tone...this opinion coming from a slightly more than mediocre guitar player in my opinion, truueee.
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    Maybe try a pedal or three in front of the amp. I own the Blues Cube Artist, which has a FX loop, and it is a great pedal platform. Perhaps an EQ and maybe a low drive/boost type pedal.

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    I agree with joeblogs13. If you’re looking for better clean tone I find an EQ pedal can solve a lot of problems. I use a Boss GE-7, but there are others you can try too.

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    tks guys I may give an eq a try, I don't play out now so I'm in no great hurry, I just play at home to somewhat keep my sanity