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    I think I've been seeing this thing has been happening these days maybe for 2 weeks including today.

    I've been using my Henriksen blu for outdoor dining gigs since this summer.

    Since my amplifier is somewhere in front of where people pass, when I heard the sound from the amp sounds like flanger effector, I thought

    that's because of the air moved along the people. But I started seeing that the volume suddenly turned off but the amp is still turned on,

    or sometimes it makes sound but maybe 30 percent or 20(approximately) of what it supposed to make.

    when I practice at home with ZT lunchbox, I don't remember anything like that happens with same guitar. So, that's why I assume that

    there might be a problem with Henriksen Blu.

    Although I left a message to a guy introduced by a fellow guitar player, but I have to play a gig at the same place tomorrow.

    So if I can figure out what should I do, I want to decide as soon as possible...

    Please let me know if there's any member of this forum has similar issue with the same amp or whatever!



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    One simple possibility that comes to mind is that the contacts on the effects loop jack are in series with the signal and may have oxidised. If that is the cause, pushing a plug in and out a dozen or so times may cure it.

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    Did you try contacting Peter Henriksen at: info@henriksenamplifiers.com. My Forte head experienced something similar but it happened a week after arrival. They replaced it immediately. I suspect it may have been a poor solder connection.