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    My friend has got a new amp, Guyatone Jazz Reverb. Apparently a 1970s japanese copy (?) of some silverface Fender amp.
    Has anybody experience about it? Killer amp or a dead... eh, amp?

    Guyatone Reverb Jazz anybody?-guyatonejazzreverb-jpg


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    I have two Guyatone Reverb Customs, the bigger Twin Reverb clones, a 2x12 and a 1x15. I love them! Very reliable and superb sounding workhorses for the bigger gigs. I have been gigging for years with the 2x12 one and it failed me only once (failing 12at7 PI-tube, that was solved on the spot by replacing it with the normal channel's 12ax7).

    The amp you pictured is the older model Reverb Jazz and they have very nice PCB-boards inside that are almost like turret or eyelet-boards and actually follow the Fender AB763 layout pretty closely:

    They sound very much like the real thing! Although in this case there isn't really a real thing since the Reverb Jazz is not really a clone of any Fender model, it comes close to the Pro Reverb, but with a solid state rectifier instead of a tube rectifier:

    With a few tweaks these amps can be truly great and are fantastic value for money.

    Some things to watch out for or keep in mind:
    - all the caps (tone- cathode-, powercaps) need to be replaced because the olde Atlas caps they originally used all get leaky over time;
    - jack input are the plastic variety, better replace them with proper metal (CTS or the like) ones;
    - I have no experience with the original speakers in this model, supposedly they sound good but I see many replacements so perhaps they are underpowered and blow up easily?

    With a bit of luck all the mods have already been done. They typically go for €350 - €500, depending on condition and what has already been replaced.

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    Wow! Thanks Jay a lot! I remembered that You had one Guyatone, but I didn't know You have two! You're The Guyatone Guy!

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    Hey, nice amp!
    I'm also a Guyatone guy, but only the Micro Effects