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    After some playing on Ultra's, Britt Daniel, a number of custom shops and more Tele's, I liked this one best: the American Original 60s thinline. Nice slim neck, low weight, nitro finish on natural wood, what's not to like about it? Well, maybe the 3 saddle bridge, but these can be changed if I want to. Even the case is nice. It takes up considerably less space than the bulky Eastman T-series cases.

    Fender AO60's Telecaster thinline-img_5719-jpg


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    Sweet! I don't need another tele thinline but those AO 60's look tempting.

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    Played in a dance band where the other guitar player had one of these (an actual 60's guitar, not a re-ish). He kind of ruined it, IMHO, by playing through a chorus pedal all the time. Nice guitar, would have sounded great.

    I put intonated brass three-piece saddles from Stew-Mac (15$) on my '66 Custom Telecaster and never looked back.

    You have a hella nice guitar there. Congratulations, and play it in good health!