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    Old Gibson P-90 Pickup-d5fd00a6-2c49-4db8-af50-15c6774b48a9-jpg
    I got an old Es 125 guitar that has a very nice tone. It has an old P90 pickup which is non adjustable. The poles have different hights so volume between g and b string is perfect. What I find interesting is that the pole on the g string is not as high as the one on the d string.
    Do you have more info about this pickup? Was it used on other Gibson archtops? How does it compare to the later p90 pickup with adjustable pole pieces?
    greetings from Germany


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    that pup was used in 1946 era 125's...it has alnico magnet polepieces..rather than screws like most p-90's

    leo fender used the same idea for his jazzmaster pickups...alnico rod polepieces

    really 2 different pickups!...not your typical p-90

    magnets could be set for very heavy 1946 strings...or were later modified/sunk for nonwound g...

    nice rarity! treat it well


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    I had the G string magnets pressed down on a Strat many years ago for better volume balance with a plain G. I imagine someone did the same with your P90. I think it’s risky to do that in some pickups since it might break a winding, but mine came out fine.

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    Thank you for your replies.
    I really like the clear sound of the pickup.

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    A “slug pole” P90 like this would have been original to my 1950 ES-125, but it had a humbucker when I bought it. I hear good things about these, but never played one. Supposedly they sound airier and a little brighter than a regular P90.

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    Just a smal update. I took a pair of pliers and got the magnet of the g string out again. Did not need much force, so maybe gibson designed this "feature" you cannot move the other magnets (no need for this anyway). Now it also "looks" right- the sound on the g string got only a tiny bit louder by this. It still is great with the b string but is now also perfect with the d string.
    anyway: it s a nice pickup. In the last years I came to the conclusion that for fingerstyle jazz, I do not like full sized humbuckers. I love p90 s and like floating mini humbuckers( Johnny Smith style).

    All the best to you

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    i's suggest that the reason why you were only able to move g string magnet is because it was already moved/lowered at some point...a bit risky...glad it worked out tho...

    nice pickup indeed



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    That is one of the earliest P90's.
    I agree with neatomic.
    I have a 1946 ES-125 with that exact pickup. Pole pieces configured the same also.
    The magnets are really strong. Check with your doctor if you have a pacemaker! just kidding. But, yes, incredible sound and rare.