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    I've been looking at the SD P-Rail to get both P90-ish and HB sounds out of one pickup and, in spite of the rather complicated wiring, it is still on my list.

    Anyway, as I probably wouldn't be constantly switching between the two options, it also dawned upon me that a "Quick Change Pickup System" would allow me to swap out a pup in a matter of minutes (I'm just assuming this).

    So, while checking out Phat Cat-type P90s, I came across the Z-90 and remembered that Rob on this forum had installed one in an Ibanez PM2 with good results, I think. Bill Frisell seems to love its "big, full sound".

    Actually, rather than trying to just cop a P90, it appears to have its own thing going on. What say you? Is it noisy?


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    Not at all, if I remember correctly.

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    I tried them long time ago in a Pat Martino Gibson. Beautiful tone, but the familiar 60 cycle hum issue didn't work for me in clubs at the time.

    Just comes down to the situations you use them in and how much say overdrive you might use. If those aren't a deal breaker, then go for them!

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    I still think Kinman P90’s are a cut above the rest. That is if you like ‘piano-like’ tones. I’ve got Kent Armstrong’s. I have a feeling they’re a bit lame but in a solid body and at home volumes how would i really know. I also have a Gibson P90s and to me they are unuseable with the hum.

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    There are indeed some comments about hum amongst users but not all, by any means. Thanks for the feedback.

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    I have one installed on my custom Tele. Love it. 9 years playing it. I just play clean sounds at home with an Acoustic Image Clarus amp and it is very silent, have no complains about noise. But as I said, I play clean sounds, never tried distorted sounds ...
    It sounds very dark and dense on my guitar, maybe it's not a good choice for an archtop, as far as I know it has a very high output.
    Maybe it's a good idea to talk to Scott Petersen about your questions, he is very friendly and respond quickly to emails.

    I've decided to try this pickup after seeing a forum user playing a Tele with it:
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    Haha, a guy at The Gear Page said they were "very rude", but maybe he was talking about the bridge version (if there is one)? Rob here installed one on an archtop and it sounded pretty civilized, IIRC. In your clip, it sounds very full and present. Denso in Spanish would translate more as "thick", not sure about Portuguese.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter C
    Denso in Spanish would translate more as "thick", not sure about Portuguese.
    Just the same here!

    Also, there's a z90 bridge version, but since I never use, I've just ordered the bridge one.

    Since I am not so crafted in jazz, I've decided to put a video from a forum member that inspired me to buy the pickup, so that's not me playing on the video!

    Here's an example of me playing my Tele with z90 neck position:

    A Certeza da Partida by carloscampos | Carlos, Jr Campos | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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    Olá Campos. Where did you ordered it from, here in Europe? Looking for a neck one, or maybe a set. TY

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    I've used them is several instruments over the last 20 years and love them , I have a set of pearl ones waiting for the next one.

    The Z90's are a high output set and have great bark , the bridge is 30% overwound.

    Note : Scott the owner is a great guy but Covid hit him hard , he's taking orders but it is a few month wait . For me , well worth it.