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    Hi all ,
    anyone using a Flyrig or copy/clone of one ?
    any positives or negative experiences to share ?

    thanks all


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    I got the version 2 as an analog option/backup (for my HX Stomp). It works well with my Alto TS110A powered speaker (27 lbs total weight). Very wide range of tones and options, very low noise floor, reverb good for jazz (two choices). I did not explore the delay much. With an adapter you can use it as an adequate headphone amplifier for quiet practice.

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    Is anyone flying to gigs these days?

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    A Flyrig can legally be transported by car, train, bus, bicycle, or other means. It is not necessary to fly it to gigs.

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    I use one in the rock'n'roll band (well, I used to, back when we were gigging). We always used professional PA kit and had a soundman so it was a really easy way to avoid carting an amp round - just plug straight into the PA. It's been great and I'd highly recommend it. Not sure what it would be like without a good PA. That said, I'm thinking of selling my valve amp and just using the Flyrig in future - possibly through the AER Compact 60, even when we're not using the full PA. So it's a thumbs up from me.
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    They are great, but I’d probably get one with a different gain stage to the Plexi

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    I use mine all the time – directly plugged into the PA. I didn't like the original version but when the Cali came out I got that and used it with my soul/blues band. There was one gig where I could decide to use either the fly rig or my Fender Vibrolux during soundcheck and went with the fly rig. It gives me a nice clean tone at any level. I didn't use delay or distortion then – just the sans amp, reverb and boost features.
    Since then I upgraded to the RK v2, the Ritchie Kotzen version – mainly for the tuner and built-in DI. But since I play in a funk band and I could make good use of the very versatile overdrive and fuzz as well as the rotary speaker effect. Also the short reverb setting comes in handy to give me just a hint of room without a long tail in my in-ears.
    Good monitoring is crucial. I use either in-ears or the venue's wedges or the studio monitors in my home studio.

    What I like most about the fly rig is that it is a (mostly) analog unit – no latency, no programming.