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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I just watched a couple of videos from AMT...really well-thought out concept.
    **edit* well, except for that whole 12 volt thing...but I like how the pedals will be able to mount [in the future] on a board, and how they can interlink with the 3.5mm cables. **
    (I think there’s some serious fret buzz happening on the demos...)
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    Great googley moogley! WAY too much going on in WAY too small a space for me. Besides, none of the sound clips sounded like a Twin to me... it was in the Fender blackface ballpark I guess, but I just didn't hear anything special or unique. Nothing to make me go "wow".

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    interesting...tho i doubt you'll see one of these still around in 50 years like you see vintage fender twin reverbs!!! hah...

    you'll also need good vision and small fingers!

    lastly it runs on 12v...so your regular 9v power supply is not going to do it


    ps- & i'd hook it up to this for a tiny powerful rig! haha

    small, cheap 100 w pedal amp
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    A warranty that can only be serviced by shipping it back to Russia is pretty much a deal killer for me.

    "International Customers, please note, that our items carry a Russian Federation warranty, so all international warranty issues must be handled by us. All items must be returned to us for all warranty repair or replacement issues. The buyer will be responsible for all shipping/handling expenses."