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    In the past I shielded my warmoth strat using a StewMac copper tape:
    Conductive Copper Tape | stewmac.com

    Fender uses shielding paint. It seems to be just as good as using conductive tape. They are not easy to find, they are expansive and usually shipped in too large quantities for non-professional use.

    Apparently you can also make your own shielding paint easily and cheaply:

    Have you ever tried making your own shielding paint? Does it work well? Another cheap alternative is to use aluminum tape. But paint is the easiest way to get into the cavities and you don't have to worry about ripping/pulling the foil each time you disassemble the electronics. Which method do you use?
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    I have a roll of 2 inch. Sticks well but a little hard to get the backing off.