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    I have had this German made Hofner since 1963 (when I turned 18). We bought it in Tacna,Peru. It had a amp and case for a few years but they are long gone. I played it more without the amp. For some reason I pulled the output jack and the pick-up and the switch for the rhythm-solo and volume knob are gone. I've been thinking about doing some repair work on it but I don't know the model number. It looks like a 455 but it has the sickle sound holes. The volume-pod has 250k 371 on it. It has a blue stamped date on the inside thats hard to read but the year does look like 1961. Any help on it will be greatly appreciated. Its had a hard life for the last 57 years.

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    that's a nice old hof..take care of it!

    the pot is 250k resistance...and was made in the 37th week of 1961...so the guitar was made after that...possibly end of 61

    replacement knobs and switches can be found easily



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    The guitar appears to be a custom version of a Model 455/S/E1 from @'61 or '62. As usual, the date is marked on the underside of the top, and '61 is a match to the features of the instrument. It has the soundholes that were used on the Model 459 and the Model 464. It was either special-ordered that way (doubtful), was an experiment at Hofner that went nowhere, or was simply a mistake (Hofner served beer at lunch).

    Reproduction "teacup" knobs are quite easy to find these days. Correct-looking switches are harder to find, but switches with black covers are around, and the covers can be painted. Complete new 2-pickup control panels are available, with pots and switches - one could be cannibalized for parts, or modified and replace what is currently on the guitar. Less expensive to find a switch and paint the cover (Testor's makes a colour that is a good match, and I can dig up that info if needed)

    If you want to restore the guitar with a correct style pickup, I have plenty of them and would be happy to supply you with one. I also have complete new 2-pickup control panels available. I'll send you a message.
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    Thanks neatomic, I'll be taking better care of it now.

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    Thanks hammertone for the info. I like beer for lunch also so I can see where it could be a mistake. I have looked all over the web and couldn't find one that I could say looked like mine so you have been a big help.
    I'll get back with you on it.


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    Finally got a pic of the date inside my guitar. Looks to be 19 Sep 1961
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