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    Catchy title eh? Metaphoric.

    It’s 5:40 am. I can’t get back to sleep and I’ve been awake for hours.

    I’ve been on my phone and I found a special run Tele for sale. Mahogany, trans red, chambered. Nice.

    I bought one of these in 2008, and sold it. Bought another one a few years later, but eventually sold it. And bought a third in 2017, but returned it when it turned out to have a defective truss rod.

    I liked it a lot but never enough not to want to try something else. And now there’s another one for sale. It’s on the other side of the country but on the right side of the border.

    I’ve already sent an inquiry to the vendor and googled him. Just say no, put the phone down, and go to sleep.

    Hey baby!


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