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    Now that they've been out for a few years, I'm interesting of your assessment of the Quilter 101 Mini Reverb (the newer model with the traditional B M T tone controls). I've had one for a couple of years and was gigging regularly with it before the "plague" hit. I have it paired with a Raezer's Edge cabinet. Also, I just had George Alessandro hand wire my 2006 '65 Deluxe Reissue that was in need of some work. (It sounds incredible now! I posted pictures over The Gear Page forum along with the Alessandro's neodymium speaker I also got, if you're interested.) I also took advantage of the recent Musician's Friend sale and picked up a DV Mark Little Jazz.

    So, last night, I set the three of them up on an A/B/C switch and for a couple of hours went between them with both my ES-175 and 335. I want to hear your comments, so I won't say too much except that I cannot believe how bright the Quilter was. I've always rolled off the treble on the Quilter, but I guess I've just been additionally compensating with the guitar's tone controls. What are your impressions? Do you think the Quilter is as bright and sterile as some say it is?


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    Honest Assessment of the Quilter 101 Mini Reverb-mr-watts-jpgI'm not much into using language to describe guitar and/or amp sound but I really like mine. I've used just about all the small heads (including the original 101 sans reverb - hated it (twice)). Gave this one a try when Sweetwater started carrying Quilter and have never looked back. To me, it ticks all the boxes. I pair it with a home built Ear Candy 'Mr. Watts' clone (8" Eminence Alpha) and, for my purposes, it sounds great with both my Teles and Godin Multiac Nylon. My second amp is an Evans RE200 (10") that works great if I need loud - usually I don't. Can't think of any negatives to the Quilter.

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    To me, it boiled down to a battle between the 101R and DV Mark Micro 50. Quilter is half the weight and has a superior reverb. DV Mark offers a broader register and a darker, rounder tone. I prefer the latter, my pro clients Quilter, so the three 101Rs I imported quickly changed hands. There's a Problock and an Interblock still around.