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    I’ve had mine since earlier this year and it’s dead silent. Wonderful amp.


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    Was thinking to buy this DV 12.. I've seen the Thomann hiss/white noise reviews too and then the comments in here which all have made me a little hesitant about this amp,
    but.. the sound I'm hearing on some Youtube demos is just so warm, dark, thick and organic I just can not risk passing up giving it a tryout.

    There are none in any shops where I am so just bit the bullet and ordered one online 5 minutes ago that comes with a "30 day no quibble hiss-proof money back" guarantee.."

    Fingers crossed it's a non-hisser.

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    Hi guys I know this thread is a little old but I just ordered a DV Mark Jazz 12 for bedroom practice as my Fender Super Champ XD is simply too noisy for me at these levels. It's new and in black (why are they more expensive in this color? oh well) and I will let you guys know how the hiss is for a maybe 'new' batch of DV Mark Jazz 12s.

    It might be my apartment, but I do run all my amps through a power conditioner. So far, amps I've used and had to sell/return are a used Roland Cube 60 and a Fender Super Champ XD which I both bought used. They both hissed quite loudly with the Roland being the worst.

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    Alright I got a DV Mark 12 today. It's a 2017. It hisses quite a bit. I'm going to return it as for bedroom practice it is flat out unacceptable how much hiss/hum I get on it. This is without a lead plugged in. I also have a similar hiss behavior as the hiss volume remains for the first 3/4ths of the volume know then the last 1/4th of the turn the volume of the hiss increases. I am running this amp through an AC Power Conditioner as well, btw.

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    I have the LJ, which I thought was the same electronics (different speaker). I have no noticeable hiss. Mine is the model with the upgraded fan, not the earlier model that had the fan noise issue.

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    I remember when I got my DV Mark 12 amp and emailed them to tell them how thrilled I was with the amp's design, construction and tone. Never heard back from them? Good look contacting them and hope you resolve your issue.

    My amp is very quiet.

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    Last year I was experimenting with my Watson 15XR combo. This amp is now quite old though very versatile. I thought it quite hissy so I got a bunch of electrolytic capacitors and connected one across the spare speaker terminals. The hiss reduced dramatically. The capacitor acts as a filter/suppressor. I think the one I used was 220uF (micro farads), 25V.

    You could put the amp through a power soak with send and return and connect a noise suppression pedal like a Rocktron. I did this years ago in the fx loops of very noisy horrible Marshall amps I used at the time. I've still kept my Rocktron IIB 19 inch rack mount unit; never know when it may come in useful.

    Another thought/s:
    Is the speaker okay? Loose wire to the cone? Cone torn or failed bonding?
    Is it definitely electrical noise? Is everything screwed tightly?
    I had a combo and a 2 x 12 speaker cab once where the back speaker baffle board was loose and vibrated.

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    Today's homes, and businesses, are very noisy in the electromagnetic spectrum. Wifi, bluetooth, cellphones, LED & fluorescent lights, and other devices produce a huge amount of electromagnetic energy, which can be picked up by amplifiers, even though there is no physical connection. If an amp has hiss, it's not necessarily a defective circuit, it's possible that it's coming from interference. Try moving the amp to a different place in the room, to a different room, or even outside the building, and see if the noise changes. It might not, but it could.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpjazzguitar
    Ho il LJ, che pensavo fosse la stessa elettronica (altoparlante diverso). Non ho alcun sibilo evidente. Il mio è il modello con la ventola aggiornata, non il modello precedente che presentava il problema del rumore della ventola.
    ciao, hanno risolto il problema ventola ? aggiornata ? grazie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karlos
    ciao, hanno risolto il problema ventola ? aggiornata ? grazie

    The fan in the current model does not make any noticeable noise.