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    So. I love my Eastman AR805CE. It came with DAddario Aluminum Bronze strings which I played for a month and then changed with TI flat wounds and I love the sound.

    Now... Since I also love the sound of Martin Retro strings which I use with my OM style acoustic (Cort L200 ATV... wonderful guitar) I would like to hear your opinion how monels would sound with Eastman humbucker. It doesn't have adjustable pole pieces so keep that in mind

    This is my Cort with monels and Harley Benton True Tone SH30 Pro Active pickup (70% mag, 30% mic).

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    This is my Eastman with TI flat wounds

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    Everything played through Boss Katana 50 Mk2 with the acoustic amp setting and some reverb and then recorded directly using line out with vintage cab emulation and presence set to 50%

    Thanks for the input


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    I've them mounted on my Martin D41 and dediced to try them on my '40 Gibson L5. It's just great.

    Trying out Monel strings on an archtop-40l5n-jpg

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    I like the way the retros sound I prefer the way the D’Addario nickel bronzes are gauged... Similar sounding to my ears.

    I prefer these mellower sounding on on any acoustic guitar.... PB’s look lurvely but are basically inconsistent. They fool you into thinking they are louder with all the high end, but that goes away pretty quickly. Monels and NB’s stay the same for ages, and give loads of midrange.