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    Dear Jazzers and Archtopers,

    Here is a demo of my new Gibson L-5 CESN from 1996. This guitar is close to perfection as it was sleeping in some collector's house. Only some tarnish on bridge pickup cover (hey Joey, should I have it re-plated ).

    Demoing my new Gibson L-5 CESN from 1996-l5-case-jpgDemoing my new Gibson L-5 CESN from 1996-l5-sitting-sofa-jpgDemoing my new Gibson L-5 CESN from 1996-back-rims-jpg

    I was after this type of model, an L5-CES in natural colours, for a while but they are kinda hard to find at reasonable price. Now I got an opportunity and pulled the trigger.

    This guitar is identical to the model documented on DutchBopper's blog and that can be seen on some Wes Montgomery album covers (Live at Tsubo, Wes and Friends...) although there is no clue that Wes ever played a blonde L5. Thanks DB for the inspiration!

    As an humble dedication to Wes who revolutionized both jazz guitar and music, I'm playing with the thumb on the theme plus first solos. I must confess I'm not a specialist of thumb playing as I never worked it out. Anyway, it's an humble dedication to Wes and a great pleasure to get close to Wes' sound.

    Funnily, my guitar has arrived at the same time Joe D got his new L5 WesMo. Joey, we should think about setting up a duet!

    Be safe and take care.



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    Nice playing, Fred, and nice guitar.
    Reminds me the first time as a kid I saw the cover of Full House!

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    wow! You have an amazing collection of guitars and I always enjoy your recordings. Thanks for sharing.

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    A big Congrats Fred ! Gorgeous tone and looks.
    It is in the right hands now....Nice
    All the scarfs must be in the laundry ? :-)

    Very nice minty score my friend.

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    Congrats Fred! This period of Gibson is revered by many as the best post war Gibson’s made. It’s a beauty - wishing you many years of enjoyment .
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    Congrats, Fred on this great score. Pics of your new L5 have gotten my GAS juices stirring. A blonde CES 5 or a blonde Wes Mo. Wow. Nice playing and play your new ax in good health.

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    Congrats! May she inspire your playing for many years to come. The video informs me that she has already begun to do so.

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    Iconic tone and beautiful playing. Congratulations, and play it in good health!

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    !! Nice !!

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    Very nice guitar and your playing is terrific.


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    Congrats! This tarnish bridge pickup You can remove and change for Charlie Christian.

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    Hey, Fred:

    Great demo; great guitar. Enjoy.

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    Wow, beautifull L5 CESN and equally beautiful playing!

    Play it in good health.

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    I could listen to you all day, Fred. Beautiful guitar and playing - as ever!

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    My man!
    When I think of Jazz Guitar, thats what I hear in my head.
    The Deep, Clear, Perfection.
    You are a such and Excellent player, you know how to let the notes tell the story of the song. And when you want to turn it up a notch, you can run with the best of them.
    Looking great, Sounding great, this one is Outstanding!
    Thank you for sharing your great talent and beautiful guitars with us.
    Joe D

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    Verrrrry nice, Congratulations1

    Well-played too, of course.

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    The wood on the back of that guitar is incredible. It's one of the heaviest flames I've ever seen. Great sound too.
    Congrats on NGD.

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    The wood on the back of that guitar is incredible.&nbsp; It's one of the heaviest flames I've ever seen.&nbsp; Great sound too.<br>Congrats on NGD.&nbsp;&nbsp;

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    One of the nicest "modern" L-5s I've seen, even though it's 24 yrs old by now. The figured maple and golden color are very attractive
    Oh, and don't worry, your Wes style thumb playing was good!

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    The nice collector bought and nicely aged for you to find it, unplayed. One of the finest exemplars of the L5CESN. They really do get nicer with age. Sounds better now than it did in 1996.

    Wow, what a looker!

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    Congrats, beautiful guitar! I used to have a 1976 sunburst. Wish I still had it!

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    Dear jazzers,

    Thank you for your anthousiastic support. Now I've started to work seriously with the thumb. The major challenge is on upstrokes that have to be as even as possible with downstrokes. A lot of work to do...

    Thank you again and take care.

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    For Wes-style thumb playing, it's all about the upstrokes. It helped Wes a lot that he was double-jointed on his right thumb. He could articulate that digit like nobody's business. He could get a triplet going with either U/D/U, or even U/U/U at great speed.

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    Actually, Wes could play triplets as D/D/D, D/U/D, U/D/U, U/U/U. He had amazing control over his right thumb.

    I can manage the alternating thumb stuff okay, after years of brute forcing my way through Wes' stuff. The D/D/D or U/U/U at speed is quite challenging. Heck, that's even difficult with a pick.