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    It's a classic - but she didn't break a string at the end, ha!
    They are playing two of the first '52 goldtop Les Paul models, that Gibson gave to Les. He promptly modified the crap out of both of them. They used these in public until Gibson introduced the Les Paul Custom and gave them a few of those ... that Les promptly modified the crap out of, as well.

    Note the missing bridge pickup on the guitar that Mary is playing. That guitar (complete with bridge pickup installed) was used on some Gibson publicity shots. I thought it was so cool I put together my own homage to it, using a CR4.

    Ted McCarty was pissed off at Les for essentially promoting a competitor's pickup - a Dearmond Model 2000 in the neck position. He got Seth Lover to knock it off as closely as possible without getting sued by Dearmond. The Gibson Alnico V was then introduced on the new Les Paul Custom. Les chopped up his Customs soon enough, ending up with his own lo-Z pickups.
    Attached Images Attached Images Awesome Les Paul and Mary Ford wanking around-les-mary-naughty-jpg Awesome Les Paul and Mary Ford wanking around-gib-r4gt-les-mary_9237-jpg Awesome Les Paul and Mary Ford wanking around-gib-lp-r4-cs-lpb2-jpg Awesome Les Paul and Mary Ford wanking around-gib-lp-crbb-ww-copy-jpg 
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    Wonderful looking Boat Anchors,LOL !

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    Quote Originally Posted by jads57
    Wonderful looking Boat Anchors,LOL !
    Thanks! I like my Les Pauls on the light side:
    - CR4 Goldtop (Les&Mary-style) - a bit over 7 pounds;
    - R4 Custom - 8 1/2 pounds;
    - CR4 Custom (Emerald Green) - 7 1/2 pounds.

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    Wanking is a time-honoured exclusive male pursuit. Ms. Ford couldn't have.

    Perhaps the guitars were made of Wenge, in which case, Wengeing around would be quite appropriate.

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    Mary Ford was a lot better player than LP wanted anyone to know.

    Lots of ' myth perpetuation ' with LP.......