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    I got the Tube Amp Doctor newsletter today. They are selling a new Jensen speaker, Jensen N12K, 12 Vintage Neodymium.

    Seems that the quite popular Neo Tornado has got a rival from its own camp!

    Jensen 12'' Vintage Neodymium 100W

    Vintage Neo | Jensen Loudspeakers


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    This is the speaker used in the Fender Tone Master series of amps.

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    This is the one developed for the Fender Tonemasters, to Fender's specs and liking. That's why I wonder why the new blonde Tonemasters now feature Celestion's 60W Neo Creambacks. A bit risky with 100W amp power per 60W speaker. Looks like Fender had exclusivity for these speakers, which were on display at NAMM but will only now be available as replacement speakers. Mandatory factory closure due to the Corona virus may have played a role in the decision-making processes and timings. Pure guesswork on my part, won't annoy the nice Jensens until after the coming Ferragosto weekend.