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    Check out the new amp by Award Session: the 5e3. As the name suggests based on or at least inspired by the 5e3 Deluxe, but all solid state and very lightweight. Available with 22 or 45 watts.

    5E3-EXTRA 22, 5E3-EXTRA 45, Guitar Amp, Session, Award-Session website,

    Just putting it here, because the Award Session amps are very interesting amps, also for jazz players, that deserve more attention imho. My Award Session BluesBaby 22 is easily the most tube-sounding amp I have. Also the responsiveness and volume are very tube-like.

    I have no commercial affiliation with Award Session, just recommending a good amp!


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    Interesting! I remember decades ago seeing Roger Chapman live and his guitarist Geoff Whitehorn using two Session 75 amps as his rig. Sounded fine!

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    While the older Session amps already sounded great for solid state amps, the newer generation even takes it up a step further. They advertise their RetroTone circuit which - if I understand correctly - simulates the interaction between output transformer and speaker. According to Session owner and founder Steward Ward, this interaction is what is mainly responsible for most characteristics of tube amps where most people appoint that to the tubes. Solid-state amps typically lack output transformers.

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    That has nothing in common with a 5e3 circuit. It is as far from a 5e3 as one could imagine. I'd stay away from it due to false advertising. Much worse than, for example, bringing a single coil pickup to the market with the name "The Humbucker." Or naming a laminate top guitar "The Carved Top." Or a solid body guitar with the name "The Hollowbody." Or an acoustic guitar called "The Electric."

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    It’s definitely no 5e3 clone of course. But it’s an interesting amp nevertheless and one might miss out on a chance of finding a great amp by discarding it for this reason....

    That’s based on my experience with their BluesBaby, I have not tried the 5e3!
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    I know I am a little biased, because I like my Award Session BluesBaby 22 so much.... Interesting New Amp - Award Session 5e3