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    Surfing around I came across a couple gorgeous looking vintage Epiphone Broadway archtops... very classy. From what I can find Googling, it seems these were competitors to the Gibson L7. Is this correct? Any experience or fun info?

    1953 Epiphone Broadway Regent
    '40s and '50s Epiphone Broadway-1953-epiphone-broadway-regent-jpg
    1953 Epiphone Broadway Regent - Natural - Extremely rare | Reverb

    1945 Epiphone Broadway
    '40s and '50s Epiphone Broadway-1945-epiphone-broadway-jpg

    '40s and '50s Epiphone Broadway-1945-epiphone-broadway-headstock-jpg


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    Both of those look great indeed...

    Actually the Broadway was a bit more upscale than the L-7 of the day but not really by very much.
    Many think of the Triumph as the L-7 counterpart.

    I don't presently have a post-war Broadway, but have had the opportunity to play a couple that came over for visits.
    Both were nice sounding guitars.
    I do have a '49 Triumph Regent and have played other non-cutaway 40's Triumphs that were all quite good to my ears.
    Either model would be worth trying if you get a chance.

    And its certainly worthwhile to compare to a few L-7's.
    I like having both as they do have their own thing going on.

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    Broadway would be the equivalent of the L-12

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    That first guitar is being sold by a forum member, ThatRhythmMan. I bought my L5ces from him and have been very happy with the whole deal. That Epiphone looks like a honey.

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    I have a '47 Broadway(great guitar), and I just finished doing some fretwork on a customer's '45 Triumph(also a great guitar). IMO, Broadways and Triumphs differ only in the amount of bling(inlay and binding), not really in their construction or tone. So, either Epi will likely be a fine instrument. Since I have not yet been able to play many Gibsons, I can't comment on the L-7(but I'm guessing it's a good one). Gibsons and Epiphones tend to have distinctive, different tones: you'll need to decide which one is more appealing to you(they're different, not better or worse). Of course, if you can buy one of each...