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    Hi all,

    I just got my used Guild A-150 savoy in the mail, and it came with a spare bridge saddle!

    Help with Bridge Saddles-img_20200715_221444-jpg

    I got a small file to make some string notches, and I was planning to space the strings slightly further apart as I have quite large fingers, then experiment to see if the new saddle makes a difference.

    I wondered if anyone could explain why the saddle is a different shape, and if there are any tips to do this properly, so the intonation is right. Also... am I holding it the right way around?



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    The spare saddle looks to be over-compensated for the G string and also too long to fit the bridge base. Does it have its own base?

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    That's the way it goes on. It may or may not fit on the base, it's impossible to tell from the photo, because of perspective. I try to get the strings directly over the center of the neck pickup polepieces, but it will still work if the spacing is slightly wider. The unmounted saddle is a little more compensated than the one on the guitar. It might work sor some strings, not so well for others. Nothing to do but try it. For intonation, get a good tuner, a strobe is best, and move the bridge until the fretted note at the 12th fret exactly matches the harmonic when at pitch. That location should be close to where the bridge is now, but perhaps slightly closer to, or further from, that. Intonation usually needs to be adjusted when changing string gauge and type, and action height. It's good to learn to do it yourself to avoid paying someone money for a simple adjustment.

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    the saddle in your hand is for a wound g string...they require the saddle to be closer to the fingerboard...a plain g string has the saddle back towards the tailpiece side


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    Both saddles are for wound G strings.

    Stick with the currently mounted saddle.

    The airborne saddle (held aloft in your hand) is absurdly over-compensated (you have it oriented correctly) despite being used for decades by Guild.

    The stagger on the saddle positions on the airborne saddle is a cartoon exaggeration of the actual stagger that is optimal for the overwhelming majority of string sets.

    Again, BOTH saddles are for a wound G. One is just a ridiculous caricature.

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    Thanks very much for the advice everyone, I learnt a lot from this short thread

    To answer citizenk74 and sgosnell, yes it does appear to fit the base, i just didn't show it clearly.

    OK, I will stick with the original saddle!