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    Anyone try it yet? Looks very enticing. One drawback: I usually run compression before OD and boost after... so with this pedal would either have to use its own “dirty” boost, or amp gain...


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    Nope, but I will use this compressor-themed thread to my purposes. I finally scored a used Diamond Compressor Junior. Mostly getting it for jangly guitarisms, funky stabs, hopefully a bit of squash. Still, I am curious to hear how it works subtly sweetening up e.g. chord melody playing and giving a dash more sustain.

    Edit: Now I just need a Boss CE-2W to complete my Eighties transformation.

    PS. The Compadre seems to get less attention in the Strymon line-up.

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    I actually have the Mooer yellow comp, the respectable diamond knock-off. Sounds good, but would be cool to also have that dynacomp sound at the ready...

    Hard to hear comp in demo videos. Wampler ego mini looks cool too.

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    I got the Diamond Jr today. Really like it so far with the Comp at about 1/4, volume at unity and EQ adjusted to cut/boost slightly depending on guitar. Not overbearing so it doesn't get tiresome on the ears. Of course, this is my first compressor so no comparisons.

    I agree, comp can seem like pretty abstract in demos but I can now see its uses. Glad to hear you enjoy the Mooer, and I also like that Dynacomp/Ross Compressor sound.