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    The amp I bought was shipped on Tue and scheduled for delivery yesterday (Thu). Pretty close, MA to NY. Then suddenly yesterday the tracking info changed the date to today (Fri). OK, one more day, fine. But just now I check tracking today (Fri), and the date is now NEXT MONDAY. WTF? Every day they're changing the delivery date further down. Is this a covid problem? If that's the case I can understand it, but then why give these false delivery dates in the first place.


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    I just had a similar experience with Fedex. Except not as bad, just a one day delay from Wednesday to Thursday. The shipment companies must be really busy. This was a shipment from the Quilter factory which is about an hour from my house (Quilter currently isn't allowing customers to come to their headquarters.)

    Now the unopened box is in a three day quarantine in the garage, which is my current practice and yes probably not necessary under current guidelines.

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    Woody, I recently shipped something 2-day Priority Mail to your side of the country, and it took over a week! I asked the postal guy about this, and he said, "East Coast? Covid."

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    I have sold two guitars during the pandemic, both sent via 2-day priority USPS, and both of them were around 3 or 4 business days each. I did that to buy a custom made Craig Bumgarner Gypsy guitar, which was supposed to have been delivered a week ago yesterday, and I got it Tuesday. Again, sent via USPS 2 day priority. Resources are strained, and even USPS has a notification on their site that things are delayed. It's a bummer, but I get it.

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    Covid is straining shipping services for multiple reasons. Personnel are getting sick, and shipments have ballooned because there is much more online shopping. It won't get better soon.

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    Believe me, I understand the present difficulties and tragegy. (My family is going through a horrible time with my 90+ disabled parents being separated from each other and ourselves, and isolated near the ends of their lives, having an extremely difficult time with basic functions without proper care. I have personal acquaintances who have actually DIED.)

    I don't mean to be petty in the midst of this, I just wish they would post a more realistic delivery date initially, instead of extending it AT THE LAST MINUTE every day. I mean, c'mon. Thu, then Fri, then MONDAY?
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    Same thing happened to me on two different deliveries last week. We all need to be patient. Some providers have given me 10 day time spans as to when to expect delivery. These are more accurate but not really any more helpful than last minute revisions.

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    If someone pays for a special expedited shipping and it's not delivered the shipping company should refund the difference over standard imo.

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    Have had similar circumstances including it was on the truck (Fedex) for delivery until it wasn't and then rescheduled for the following day. Just the nature of shipping during this Covid period. Couple that with being in a rural area and I'm just thankful to get a delivery.

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    I recently shipped a TOOB cab from Helsinki, Finland to Brooklyn, NY in 24 hours via UPS. Another shipment via Finnish Post to San Luis Obispo, CA, took five weeks. Apparently, there's more parcels, less carriers and less staff than in normal times.

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    The problem is not unique to the US.

    At the present time hundreds of thousands of people have died from Corona virus - over 100,000 in the US alone- many more have been laid off - or in more paternalistic countries they have been told to stay at home with the state picking up 80% of salary. In countries that take COVID-19 seriously whole business sectors have been ordered to shut down if they are not essential services, and social interaction (particularly at work) is subject to serious operational constraints. For example, keeping a distance of at least 6 feet between workesr at all time - imagine this in a warehouse and packing activity - obligation to wear a face mask and change it every 4 hours.......

    If you take these missing millions of heads out of the equation balancing "work to do" with the "people available to do it" , it really should come as no surprise that there will be a lowering of service levels, including a few postal delays..........

    I live just outside of Paris, France and for 3 weeks postal deliveries (mail, parcels etc) were limited to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to minimise contagion potentiall caused by contact between delivery staff and customers. That restriction was eased off a couple of weeks ago, but I have seen a massive variation in delivery times - from 2 days on Helsinki/Paris for a Toob speaker (nods to Gitterbug!) to 17 working days for a multi-tier desk for my music room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray175
    . the state picking up 80% of salary..

    do not for a moment think they do that from goodness of their heart. Its simple they dont want people claiming any form of unemployment, as .normally one has to apply , they can will and do balk refuse at any opportunity,
    by doing it this way they can shift the responsibility directly to the companies/employers, and wind it down.
    automatically granting people unemployment means they dont have to apply, as they have met the eligibility criteria, when this is wound down as in next month or so [eople will have to formally apply with all the same BS as before.

    Furthermore the money is coming directly from the Taxpayer, not government, people will be reminded how the government saw them thro, and they will reminded on how much taxation they will NOW have to pay ( watch this space)

    The people in charge here DO NOT play games they are ruthless, and have been forced into this, there is no freebie, they are Totally Negligent in the handling of this whole situation Hiding behind the so called science. I have 2 children affected by this and know many people also affected,

    The one hand gives the other takes.

    ps i am not hard left or hard right. but at the end of the day its a political decision, stolen from the orig left, which would have been inconceivable had the virus not started


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    I placed an order and got notification that the item had been picked up by Fedex and was in transit to Auckland and I got it A MONTH LATER!!!!!!. Normally a 3-4 day service.

    If your courier service is anything like ours then they are busier now than they have ever been due to a lot more people getting stuff online and getting it shipped simply because they don't want to risk going to the store in the event it might be open.

    They are swamped with parcels. Takes a week or two to get an item across Auckland in NZ. I'm suprised they are even bothering to put a delivery date on the item.

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    Took a week to get a new guitar from 400 miles away. No way to just drive and get from the warehouse myself.

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    Have an amp being shipped from Henriksen (Colorado) to Sacramento Monday. Wonder how long that will take. Have waited two weeks for it to be shipped. No boxes.

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    The tracking website usually tells you exactly where the package is. Apparently, they scan the barcode on the package every time it's on or off a truck.

    So, one possible explanation is that they have too many packages and too few people. Maybe not enough trucks or drivers. So, maybe they skip a scan here and there. At that point, the system might not know about a package that didn't make it on the truck.

    The system finds out later, when it's scanned when it finally makes it onto a truck. At that point, the system changes your delivery date.

    Maybe something like that.

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    I suspect that sometimes a package is scanned onto a truck, is actually on it, but there is no driver for the truck. Covid has been hitting the delivery industry hard, and sometimes not enough people show up to work to get everything delivered that day. Fedex and UPS are somewhat less than totally reliable in the best of times, and these are not the best of times. Be glad if you get your package even close to the predicted date. It will not get better in the immediate future, as most people go back to work the the virus spreads more quickly and widely.

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    On Sat '"Follow my Delivery" showed that the truck was ON MY STREET. Then it gradually drove away. At night it said it was a "weather emergency." B*******. UPS sucks.

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    Saw the Out for Delivery two days in a row. When it finally arrived, about 10pm the second night, the driver said, “Finally! Got it to you.”

    I’m the last or near the last on his route. Figured the previous night he just got tired and called it. Their normal last delivery time is 9. I thanked him. Told him about the Taylor BOGO, thus the two boxes. Said he had a buddy who’d be real interested.

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    Can this FedEx tracking have been due to COVID? Nope some is just plain stupidity and or mismanagement.If you look the image below and at a map, the origination point (bottom of the image) is only a few miles from the originating point.

    UPS Shipping/Tracking/Timing, WTF?-fedex_uturn-jpg

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    I know very well where both Breaux Bridge and Childress are. And I have no idea how a package could wind up in either place by accident. Childress, in particular, is just a wide spot in the road on US287. I grew up near there, long ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GNAPPI
    Can this FedEx tracking have been due to COVID? Nope some is just plain stupidity and or mismanagement.If you look the image below and at a map, the origination point (bottom of the image) is only a few miles from the originating point.

    UPS Shipping/Tracking/Timing, WTF?-fedex_uturn-jpg
    In short, yes. I receive packages via USPS that are near Seattle, and suddenly show up via tracking in Minneapolis, MN. Then suddenly they're delivered within 2 days.

    Folks, these are desperate times. Covid 19 is wreaking havoc all across this country. Delivery dates and times aren't normal. Here near Seattle, I just received a FedEx delivery that arrived from London, England. It was a 10 day delivery. There was a hand off to FedEx after customs. I feel blessed that it arrived so soon. I'd chill with respect to any FedEx or any other delivery. We've been spoiled with these deliveries. But these times aren't normal. So any expectation that a delivery is going to occur normally is where the problem is. It's not a FedEx issue.