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    So far very pleased and impressed.
    The missing inch makes a huge difference to comfort! (compared to my l5ces).
    Also impressed at the acoustic volume.

    Any CT fans out there?
    For some reason I always considered the CT kinda "not a true L5". I'm converted!

    Gibson L-5 CT-20200514_233601-jpg
    Gibson L-5 CT-20200514_233650-jpgGibson L-5 CT-20200514_233553-jpgGibson L-5 CT-20200514_233523-jpg


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    A real beauty! Congratulations, and play it in good health!

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    Nice score!!

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    Scary pretty
    you sleeping any ????
    You must be reslly pleased


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    Danny W would approve. Whoo-hoo!

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    Its day one!
    So new set of thomastiks.
    General clean up.
    Few tweaks.
    It feels great.
    Kinda sporty with the thinline body.
    I was expecting a big difference in tone but .. i really can't hear a difference.
    Its encouraging me play too fast!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2bornot2bop
    Danny W would approve. Whoo-hoo!

    I do!

    Danny W.

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    Gorgeous specimen. Congrats !!!

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    Wow, that's a nice one. I would have gone nuts until I had it in my hot little hands. You've got to be really pleased. Happy NGD.

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    Very very nice!

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    Let me say, it's a joyous day around here when an L5 appears in any size. And a joyous sunburst too! Well done!

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    Another when Gibson really gets it right. I always wanted a CT. Super sweet ! Had to come back for another look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinnyv1k
    Had to come back for another look.
    Stand in line and take a number my friend. That guitars a winner!

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    Congrats- thanks for sharing your NGD. I’ve always been curious about the tone of L5 CT version, glad to hear your liking it . Danny W is also another admirer.

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    Definitely worthy of a straightening

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    Congratulations on your NGD, a stunning pic of the L5CT, you will
    find they are more popular than you imagine, I acquired my Blonde
    2008 model la year ago, being unable to find another L5CES the
    equivalent of my superb 2014 Blonde Crimson Custom which I
    sold earlier much to my regret .There is very little difference in the
    tone IMO. I am happy with the L5CT and agree that is definitely
    more comfortable to play due to it's shallower depth. One of our
    notable members, Chris Whiteman, also owns a L5CT which you
    can see and hear on one of his YT videos. Respectfully I will not
    post a pic, i prefer others to drink in the glory of your NGD.

    Best regards Silverfoxx

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    For about 6 weeks I was ogling an acoustic blonde L-5 CT with a floater (BJB) on a german website , advertised at a VERY
    attractive price, albeit with a well-repaired headstock fissure - I was a good boy and didn't bite. That kind of guitar, a 17" with slim rims, is so comfortable and handles so well on stage while still having THAT tone - I always wondered why it's not more widely used.
    I had Victor Baker build me exactly that (in plywood though) some 12 years ago and that guitar is one of three in my gig-rotation, besides a Heritage Super-Eagle and my Trenier Jazz Special. You did good !

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    Well done! Fantastic guitar.

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    Congrats and may she inspire your playing for many years to come!

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    Super cool guitar!

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    I finally had chance to plug the CT in and get to grips with it.

    It really is a very very comfortable guitar.
    Sonically the difference is minimal in comparison to my CES. Possibly the CT has a kinfa more focused / direct quality to the bass end. I defy anyone to hear a difference blindfolded.

    I'm happy ?

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    Congratulations on the CT! That's a winner by far. I've always thought that this would be one to enjoy. I'm sure you will be quite happy!

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    The CT is the sports car of jazz boxes.

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    If there was a guitar at the end of the rainbow, it would look like that one.

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    Nick what year is it ? CT’s are super rare and pretty hard to find.
    Also cost more than a CES. You scored a sweetie Sir. Love it !