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    I’d read on Facebook that Bob had fallen gravelynill. I’m sad to report news of his passing. Let me add what was in Facebook:

    It’s with a very heavy heart that I make this post. My friend, Robert LaFond Jr passed away yesterday. We met because he wrote a book about taking guitar lessons from Randy Rhoads. We became friends after the first event to honor him. He asked me to help sponsor the second event and for my efforts he gifted me a real lesson page from his book. It’s page 40 if you have it. I hope you are jamming in heaven with Randy again. Rest In Peace, my friend.

    BigRip rhodes scholar-d56df1db-a188-4e55-b898-836f59cd6337-jpegRip rhodes scholar-41494d74-e3a9-474c-9933-7e1b2a09b1c4-jpegRip rhodes scholar-86938f50-df30-4feb-9ba3-764bb7d8f754-jpeg


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    RIP Bob. I am glad that we met during our brief stay in this existence.

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    Oh My God, that is terrible.
    I didnt know he was sick. This is terribly sad news.
    Rest in peace Bob.
    Joe D

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    Sad news indeed. He'll be missed.

    Tony D.

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    RIP, Bob.
    Condolences to his family and close friends.

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    I had the great privilege to know Bob. He came out to California every year to see his son. On our last meet he was very upbeat with the joy of retiring soon. He was a gentle giant. He loved guitar horse trading. A man of great faith. He is with Jesus.
    I was honored to know him. RIP my friend.

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    Tragic! I didn’t know Bob - my prayers and condolences go out to his family. I will miss seeing “Rhoadscholar” posts. As we get older we must cherish our time, live life to the fullest and enjoy our friendships. May he rest In Peace.

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    Very Sad news to lose a fellow jazz guitarist and friend to many on this Forum
    RIP Bob and condolences to the family


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    Bob and I have this perpetual guitar swap meet going on. I didn't know it was musical chairs and the music would stop.

    I've got his 1950s Gibson 125 at my home that he asked me to have Pete Moreno do some work on. I also "bought" his LeGrand which he was to buy back post COVID after he got paid for all of his overtime. I haven't even played the LeGrand, but it's a beauty.

    I'll sort all this out with his son, Jason, after some time has passed.

    I'll said this before. Bob had a dream of a group of guys buying some guitars and rotating them like a co-op. In retrospect, some of us more or less did that. Now the music has stopped.

    I will encourage Jason to keep the forum in mind if something is to be sold. Here's one of his really cool ones.

    Rip rhodes scholar-toty_guitar-jpg

    Here's Bob!

    Rip rhodes scholar-legrand1-jpgRip rhodes scholar-legrand2-jpg

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    Every picture I’ve seen of him, he had a smile on his face.
    This is really sad.
    Joe D

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    This is very sad after a brief hope of recovery was announced. May you enjoy your journey in eternal light and divinely improvised music with your heroes, Bob ! :

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    Ashes to ashes 'n dust to dust, if the women don't get you, the likker must.

    Oh! Didn't he ramble!

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    Always sad when a member passes away and before his / her time on top of that. RIP Bob...

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    Oh no.

    So sad to hear this.

    Rest in peace Bob, and I am sure the deepest condolences of all of us to his family- and my condolences to his friends here on the forum.

    Life is short enough at the best of times, let alone something like this.

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    Very sad.

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    Only early 60's. I am 6ft tall and only came up to his shoulder. I remember him playing my 175. It looked like he was playing a Les Paul. Like I said...a soft spoken gentle giant. I remember the 1st time I met him. I liked him instantly. He had a good soul and now he is in a better place.
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    He was 59 actually! Tick, tock, tick, tock.

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    Rest In Peace I believe I sold him a pickguard over the last year or two. Seem like a nice fellow and too young.

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    We nearly traded on the Black GE I had. It's a shame! I didn't even know he was ill! RIP.

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    There was an earlier thread in the everything else section

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    Sad to hear this. Rest in Peace.

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    Bob, now that you're up there, could you put in a good word for the rest of us?

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    So sad.

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    Very sorry to hear this. You really just never know what's going to happen from one minute to the next. We often think we do, but one really doesn't know. Way to young, I will keep his family in my thoughts.
    This seems appropriate:

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    Yes, to add to what Joe D said, a smile like that is going to be sadly missed......

    Rest in Peace Bob, and all the best to your family.

    Thanks Mike for letting us know.


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    I didn't know Bob except to sense his presence through this forum. His participation here will be missed. I offer his family my condolences.

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    Such tragic news - my condolences to all his family, friends and loved ones.

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    I only knew him from a few exchanges online. He seemed like a thoughtful, warm, and real guy.

    My sympathies to his friends and family in y'all's grief.

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    I didn’t know Bob, but I always enjoyed reading his posts. They, and by extension he, will be greatly missed.

    What a great idea a guitar coop sounds like. I would be scared that I would be the guy who would drop one of them though.

    I feel silly for never realizing the reason for the spelling of his forum name.

    My condolences to his family and friends.

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    TERRIBLE. RIP Brother.

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    anyone know if it was covid 19 related?

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    I got that Toty Viola special Heritage from Bob back in 2017. When I met George Benson I mentioned I had just purchased it and we talked a bit about how he, Toty and Heritage worked together to make that happen. Bob eventually bought it back from me and I know he loved it... I'll pass on to Toty that Bob has passed.

    RIP Bob I know you're in the loving arms of Our Lord...


    Rip rhodes scholar-img_1568-jpgRip rhodes scholar-img_1570-jpgRip rhodes scholar-18121907_10154654089822239_3463083646819031665_o-jpg
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    Bob with the American Eagle #19
    Bob I assure you it will be on display someday with your pictures alongside it.

    ps: silly me, until the other day when I saw the tribute to him and Randy Rhodes on Facebook I thought Rhodes Scholar meant he was some high browed Ivy League guy...

    Rip rhodes scholar-c71113a9-b211-4efc-9eb9-b59b6ab28f2a-jpgRip rhodes scholar-d3566330-af7f-4a23-bff7-325c81f718f0-jpg
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    Not COVID-19. Test negative.

    The co-op idea we thought would be problematic, all because of people breaking the rules, damaging the guitars, etc. But somehow it's worked in a way. The Toty shown above was bought by me then ended up bouncing around among friends. Big Mike bought a Sweet 16. I got it from Big. Bob got it later. Now I have it. The American Eagle also made the rounds with Bob, Big and me. The cherry L5 I got from DannyW went to Bob for a long time but is with me now. It goes on and on.

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    Rest Easy Bob

    Rip rhodes scholar-058736c3-6d6d-4ca6-af19-5a8e4919c56f-jpeg

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    I enjoyed reading all his posts and contributions over the years. May his family and love ones find some peace.

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    Like most, I only new Bob through his posts on this forum and had no idea what the "RhodesScholar" name meant. I found Bob's background really interesting. To bad we don't know more about each other while we're still around. Sending thoughts and prayers to his family.

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    Judging by the photographs, he really did shrink a guitar down to size when he was playing it. That Heritage looks like a GB10 on him!

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    RIP Bob. You will be missed!

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    Here's another guitar that's been passed around. I've had this a couple of times. Bob has, too. A good friend of mine in New York had it for a while. Dave's guitar shop had for a couple of days. Bob bought it back. He swapped it to me close to year ago with new Lollar Imperials in it.

    I'd say this guitar is a keeper, but who'd believe that? The fact that it's been passed around in our circle for years means it's a keeper- sorta.

    Bob makes a guitar look small.

    Rip rhodes scholar-97719775_10217771608184949_349500537055477760_n-jpg

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    Here's one I sent to him in 2019.
    VERY nice guitar and he told me he was quite pleased with it:
    Attached Images Attached Images Rip rhodes scholar-heritage-h525-ptdvsb-burst-2007-front-jpg Rip rhodes scholar-heritage-h525-ptdvsb-burst-2007-rear-jpg 
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    That's a gorgeous H-525. That's the second one I know he's had.

    He gigged playing rock for the most part, which he loved.

    He was about a year from retirement. His dream was to attend Wayne State University for jazz studies. Jazz Studies - Department of Music - Wayne State University

    He had it worked out in terms of tuition and the logistics. He was serious about it and he was excited.

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    So sad RIP Bob.

    He was a nice guy and will be remembered. A horrible loss.

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    Some great comments on his obituary. Bob was a good man. A heart as big as his height.

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    Bob was indeed a good man - loved by many people. Very heartbreaking to family and friends.

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    Thank You for posting this. Only knew him from this forum, but obviously a Good Guy.

    I confess to being irritably curious as to how the Scholar's condition was missed or simply allowed to go too far.

    This is the 21st century, is it not, Doctor?

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    He had a massive heart attack. It left him with less than 30% of normal heart function. He never got out of the hospital.

    Your question is fair. How in the 21st century can this happen? I don't know how much warning he got as an individual. We have plenty of warning as a society. But that's a separate topic!

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    Man plans.....God decides.