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    Expecting two today from the Taylor BOGO. My plan is assume the boxes are contaminated. But everything inside has been in transit, SoCal to Phoenix, for 48 hours and should be safe. So, remove and dispose of the external boxes. Wash hands. Enjoy.


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    Quote Originally Posted by TedBPhx
    ...everything inside has been in transit, SoCal to Phoenix, for 48 hours and should be safe
    If you're asking... I would not go with "should". Hard surfaces have been shown to support the virus for longer than 2 days.

    Reference: How Long Does the Coronavirus Last on Surfaces?

    Good luck and enjoy the guitars.

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    Hmm. Those were tested at room temperature. A truck across the Southwest desert is a little warmer this time of year. This week the lows are low 70s, room temp, with highs in low hundreds. Looking at the tested surfaces I’d guess a case was like cardboard crossed with plastic. If the contents are in a big plastic bag inside the box I’ll be fine.

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    Just dip everything in a big vat of BEER the alcohol will kill all the germs, it might not be so good for the guitar.

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    A Big Vat of beer would inspire many moments of covid boredom relief.

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    Ginger and Maryanne.

    The little one is a trip to play. 23.5” scale. Who knew. The neck on the 414 is more like an electric. Even volume, sustain and response up and down the neck. The V brace is different.
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    Could not get used to the Ovangkol. My ears kept saying, “Where’s the bass?” Slight upgrade to the Rosewood version. Did the exchange in a GC parking lot. Clerk in mask and gloves took the return in, checked it out, brought the new one out. Never got out of the car. Corona life.
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    I just got a great deal on a G&L Legacy USA $650, but I have to wait for June for delivery
    not a jazz guitar, but i'm excited

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    Continuing the Taylor saga.

    Discovered I can see daylight in a kerfing gap on the bottom back junction through the white plastic, excuse me fibrous ivoroid, binding. Assumed it was a rare QC miss. Took it back to GC stood in line, masked, 6ft apart until it was my turn to be one of ten customers allowed in at a time. Handed over the 414 I was returning and examined its twin. Even worse! Daylight visible in three adajcent kerf gaps. That would be an inch or more where the back and side are mis-seated. Same area, the waist on the bass side.

    Gave up on that model, 414ce R V class Special. I suspect these were GC specials that didn’t sell. They are Rosewood/Sitka with Gibsonish burst and fancier plastic. Er... that’s Italian Acrylic and Ivoroid. Along with copying the Gibson burst they also emulated Gibson manufacturing and QC for this line.

    Came home with an 814ce V. Much nicer guitar! The grain in the Sitka and Rosewood are tight and parallel. No plastic! Graphite nut and Micarta saddle, abalone and MOP for the fretboard and headstock. Not blinged but a subdued example of fine wood marquetry in the binding and rosette. Thinner Top finish, 4.5 mil vs 6. And I can hear it. Not all Sitka Rosewood flat tops are created equal. Taylor calls the 814 their flagship and it shows how they save manufacturing costs on the less expensive models.
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    Some weeks ago, I got this one, a very nice GDR archtop. No definitive answer about the maker, but possibly Max Zimmer, according to a trusted source. All solid and hidden Rellog pickup at the end of the fingerboard. What else can I ask for?

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    Never seen a Rellog pickup before. Very cool. I also like how the volume knob is "wedged" into the bottom of the f-hole relieving the need to drill a hole into the top. Is the input jack on the bottom of the tailpiece?

    Here's a video of what looks like a similar pickup. Sounds pretty good!

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    Took some pics of the 814 wood
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    Upgraded the 814ce to the Deluxe version. That armrest brings Strat comfort to the flat top world. The Gotoh 21:1 tuners are an improvement.

    Becoming a Mimi Fox fan. Her new album was recorded with a Taylor acoustic.

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    On that guitar coming unglued, my guess is that it has more to do with improper handling by GC than a manufacturing defect. Every Taylor guitar I've held in my hands, whether made in US or Mexico, could not be faulted for workmanship. I would be shocked to learn that such a defect passed QC at the factory.

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    Taylor’s reputation for QC is why I went with them on a GC mail order. These guitars, 414ce R V class special appear to be a made for Guitar Center edition. I think they didn’t sell and GC lowered the price to be the same as the regular 414ce R.

    Took back the one in the picture and grabbed its twin. Same issue only worse. Light visible through three adjacent gaps. Probably and inch or more of rim/back mis-match. These are, I believe, the cheapest spruce/rosewood guitars offered by Taylor. They had to cut costs. I think they hurried production and used up whatever rosewood was lying around on these GC specials. If it didn’t fit hide it with the binding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TedBPhx
    These are, I believe, the cheapest spruce/rosewood guitars offered by Taylor. They had to cut costs. I think they hurried production and used up whatever rosewood was lying around on these GC specials. If it didn’t fit hide it with the binding.
    Solid wood, maybe so. The 2xx series offers a laminated rosewood. I find it inconceivable to think the El Cajon factory would hurry production or in any other way be reckless with something that is a key component of their value proposition. I also find it inconceivable that they would permit such a thing at the Tecate factory. The V class instruments are not exactly tried-and-true in the marketplace yet and I'd think Andy Powers would like to know about the issues you found. Bob Taylor, after all, is off doing good deeds in the conservation space while partner Andy is doing the product design now. AFAIK.

    I don't think I've ever owned a Taylor steel string guitar but I did get the chance recently to spend some time with a 312ce 12 fret which I thought was rather nice!

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    Showed the problems on both guitars to the GC person. Said they should be returned to Taylor. They were back on the wall a week later.

    Loving the rounded edge armrest on the 814ce dlx.
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