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    I'm trying to find some feedback on this guitar, which I find the specifications perfect for what I'm searching in a jazz guitar :

    * the unbeatable Es175 style
    * one pickup (that IS so fine)
    * nitro finish
    * ebony fingerboard with mahogany neck
    * 1085€, very attractive price

    Here is the link of their website :

    There is no information on this guitar, nor on Stanford in general, or very little

    What I've managed to find is that the guitar is built in China, and "finished" in Germany.. Don't really know what that means, but nothing really that important in my opinion..

    I have heard they where more in the flattop acoustic guitar domain in the past.

    I am really really tempted regarding the specs and looks. But would like to know if anyone has has some experience with this guitar, or brand
    Thanks very much in advance
    Rodolphe from France

    Stanford Crossroad Fatboy 75-stanford-crossroad-fatboy-75-antique-violin-jpg


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    I have made a mistake, it's a maple neck, not mahogany, with ebony fingerboard.
    This is after verifying the specs on there website. I read elsewhere it was mahogany, which seems to be a false information.
    This is really not a problem for me.
    The sound will be clearer, without that characteristic mahog smokiness, no problem
    And the gain of greater strength of the neck is a good thing for me (the dreaded neck break happens with hog necks, in general..)

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    For more info you could call these guys :

    iMusicnetwork e.K.
    Kapellenweg 5
    97268 Kirchheim
    Telefon: 0936699979
    Telefax: 09366990327
    Internet: Western- & Akustikgitarren - Mehrfach international ausgezeichnet

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    I could be totally wrong, but from the hazy past , i seem to recall a company called Hondo doing a Fatboy 175 ish styled guitar, and thought to be fairly good-ish.

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    looking more carefully, looks pretty good. ES165 early 175

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    I have played it in a store and it looked good and played well. The 175 feels a bit small for me so I didn't really go for it. I still hope to find the Vanguard somewhere: Stanford Crossroad Vanguard - Stanford Guitars

    What struck me is that these guitars look identical to the Eastmans, but cost a few hundreds less. Unfortunately, there was no Eastman in the shop to compare to.

    Also this seems to have been a small run - they're sold out in the big stores in Germany, and don't seem to come back.

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    Their ES-330L copy looks really appealing:
    (but I would want a mahogany neck and 16th freth neck/body joint)

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    i was wrong Hondo 'Fatboy' HL5BB 70's/80's/Japanese.

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    Quote Originally Posted by docsteve
    What struck me is that these guitars look identical to the Eastmans, but cost a few hundreds less. Unfortunately, there was no Eastman in the shop to compare to.
    similar but not the same pics of my Eastman i had 7 years ago , good value for money but not close to 175 at all, sold after few months , but very comfy to play acoustically loud, neck to wide, does not have Gibson profile. Pickup tinny crap.

    Stanford Crossroad Fatboy 75-img_20140618_165646992_hdr-jpgStanford Crossroad Fatboy 75-stanford_cr_fatboy_75_body-jpg

    Stanford Crossroad Fatboy 75-img_20140618_165658326_hdr-jpgStanford Crossroad Fatboy 75-stanford_cr_fatboy_75_headstock-jpg

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    Thanks for the replies
    Well they seem kind of under the radar, there is really very little information on this line up.
    I noticed the Vanguard model too.
    Looks pretty nice indeed.
    Docsteve, when you say they look a bit small, do you mean compared to a classic 175, or other bigger 17' models?
    Did you like the sound of the pickup?
    How was the neck profile?
    I think it will be very hard for me to try it in person.. And a bit reluctant to purchase it on line without a minimum of information

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    Im 2.03 m tall (that‘s about 6“7). The 175 size feels a bit small for me, that‘s all there is to it. No memories of the neck.

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