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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave93
    Thank you!
    What do you think about the difference in sound between the two models?
    What do you think is a good price for a used one?
    The two guitars sound as different as the difference between a 16" Gibson L-4C and a 17" Gibson Legrand. In other words, very different.

    It's easy to find useful pricing history on New Presidents by checking reverb, ebay and gbase. Hofner has made enough New Presidents, Vice-Presidents and hollow, carved-top Thin Presidents so that there is some useful information to be found.

    No real trend for used Chancellors because so few have been made and very few are ever for sale, new or used. Over the past @10 years, a few used ones have come up for sale at a reasonable discount from new pricing, and two or three have been sold remarkably cheap by folks who simply don't know or don't care. Pricing for any new ones in Europe is all over the map, but I'm sure you can negotiate a discount, given the amount of marketing support that Hofner has put behind this model.

    Last time I checked, these came up in Europe. There are probably a couple more out there as wel:
    Hofner Chancellor | Beyers Music | Reverb
    Hofner Chancellor Violin Finish HC-V-0 | American Guitar Shop | Reverb
    Hofner Chancellor – BTM Guitars
    Hofner Chancellor for sale for £5000.00 or nearest offer (G33717)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irwin1993
    Anyone know the scale length on Bernsteins Zeidler?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wintermoon
    Thanks wintermoon, and just curious, how do you know this?

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    John was a very close friend, I got to play the majority of his archtops before the buyers picked them up.
    the early ones like Pete's were 25.5" scale and 17.5" wide, I had an early one like that also. He later experimented w/ different scale lengths and widths but preferred 25.5" and knowing John, if he felt strongly about something it was hard to talk him out of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pingu
    do we know if PB's pickup is off a Gibson Howard Roberts
    or if it's a normal HB ?
    Pretty sure I have read it’s a Duncan Seth Lover pickup on PB’s guitar.

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    It's not a Zeidler but pretty pretty close to look/feel/vibe/sound you're looking for. Handmade. 17in. Thinline Archtop. Kent Armstrong PAF. Let me know if you want to know anymore. I'm in United Kingdom.

    Foster Basin Street 17in Thinline Archtop