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    1979 Ibanez GB-20NT-882cd994-2c88-44e5-9001-ef6fa66b5763-jpeg

    Ya know it’s dogged persistence that pays off. This is the fourth attempt at buying a GB-20nt and this time it paid off. Roughly the size of an L-5, 25 inch scale, clean as a cats ass. Joe calls it Benson’s JS model. It’s all that and two bags of chips. Had to work with Customs to free her up, like I said dogged persistence.
    enjoy the photos


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    1979 Ibanez GB-20NT-5c46427e-d20c-46ca-bd20-2459d9219648-jpeg1979 Ibanez GB-20NT-3a22a1c9-3853-43b2-86e5-4e7faad6ff7c-jpeg1979 Ibanez GB-20NT-2e3c35c8-1c48-4694-add3-e9dbb6c4892a-jpeg1979 Ibanez GB-20NT-03a75e5b-9515-404f-9bde-29990aca0880-jpeg1979 Ibanez GB-20NT-182edbd3-b626-4b08-a0b2-2d3a5f508b3f-jpeg1979 Ibanez GB-20NT-5cd2d749-7e54-40a5-b44a-8550d6dc3f1e-jpeg1979 Ibanez GB-20NT-91d02924-070f-47bc-8a82-4bdadea666a4-jpeg1979 Ibanez GB-20NT-3ef25a1b-6ce0-43f5-aa51-946312e6ce9d-jpeg

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    1979 Ibanez GB-20NT-91b4285f-f636-4cdd-872c-dfb5ecf0ff3d-jpeg1979 Ibanez GB-20NT-6a44306e-3137-4915-962b-6a6beddd0277-jpeg1979 Ibanez GB-20NT-78543e3d-3140-4e69-9207-6bae22f0cc5d-jpeg1979 Ibanez GB-20NT-e00b612b-49dc-43a2-ab7b-726b3e325a1d-jpeg1979 Ibanez GB-20NT-20041941-f970-4d26-9dc2-330a19126eef-jpeg

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    A real beaut, Clark. Nice one.

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    the only video of GB I can find playing one so far.

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    another beauty big mike

    congrats & enjoy


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    Another great instrument for what must be one of the world's finest collections of George Benson Ibanezes. Congratulations, Big, and play it in good health!

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    thanks guys

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    I let her warm up, after shoveling four trash bags of styrofoam peanut it was time for dinner, then tuned her up. Easy as pie she’s remarkably stable.

    Shes as loud as my Campy Standard has a great neck and I plugged her into the Texas Flood, swirly sounds in the body when I match the amp to acoustic volume. Tim’s right, it needs a Schatten hidden tone control to warm her up electrified, that’s normal for me.

    spending time singing hymns tonight, it’s the 4yh anniversary of my Mom passing away.

    1979 Ibanez GB-20NT-ca91a0db-0a4e-4f20-9b31-dfa7e6cb8894-jpeg
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    Ibanez would be wise to return this model to there lineup. I bought one of these new in 1980. It was a stellar guitar. Another regretful sell on my part. Congrats Mike. Nice figure on the back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigMikeinNJ

    spending time singing hymns tonight, it’s the 4yh anniversary of my Mom passing away.

    peace to you both, big!


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    glad you found one to your liking Big

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    Another home run, Big! That is a very rare blonde (NT) version of one of the more rare GB models.

    It looks minty. Once you have a Schatten thumbwheel tone control installed, you'll love it even more.

    Play it in good health.

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    Congrats Mike. Glad you got it.
    I was talking to George who is the store manager at Sam Ash and he told me George use to pull up at the store years ago in his Rolls Royce or his old Red Caddy and his kids would run around the store like it was ToysRus. He said George was the nicest man he’s ever met.
    Glad you got to round out your collection on such a sad day.
    All the best to ya Mikey
    Ps, I can’t change the font on my iPad. Sorry bro.