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    Got to play one of these today. The Athena model. Boy, that was some guitar.

    Never heard of him before, but I guess he's been making guitars for a while. Impressive to me!


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    I've played 2 of them one was less ornate and lacked fingerboard binding. Very Beautiful sweet voice. The other was typical binding inlays etc. Again excellent build but not as sweet sounding.
    Definitely a great luthier for sure

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    I’ve owned my 18” Megas archtop for about 9 years now. Truly excellent build quality and amazing materials, and sounds unique and lovely. It’s a bit of an anomaly, tho’, as Ted built it originally for the Chinery Blue Guitar collection (perhaps you know the book) as an experiment, but ultimately went in another direction (more like his Athena).

    You can see in the attached pic the unusual sound/f holes. The one on the upper bout used to have a sliding wood door, that was removed by the previous owner.

    Ted used to be extremely active as one of the most important archtop builders in the 1990s-early 2000s (hence why he was asked to contribute to the Chinery collection), but either is leading a lower profile life at the current time, or not producing/showing/marketing like he used to. He used to be based in San Francisco Bay Area, but moved to Portland some time ago.

    If you google him, there are some nice videos of some special guitars he made as “portraits” for a collector’s family. Amazing looking guitars.

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    He makes great guitars period!