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    Hi guys!

    Is there a pedal out there, which helps getting a hammond organ tone for guitar? (I cant play piano/organ, but like the sound very much, thats why I ask. So NO, I dont want to buy a hammond ).


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    Yes. The C9 is a hoot, in a very good way. I have one that I use on the gig, and I use the Line 6 Roto-Vibe for the Leslie simulation. It tracks well, and it sounded just like our keyboard player's B3 sim.

    Chords and single notes. I didn't have a good time playing guitar style solos on it once I got into the high registers, but melody and chords, esp. triads, sound great. You will have a ball if you dig B3 sounds.

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    You can get pretty close with many chorus pedals. After trying a few I kept this one, very convenient with the built in overdrive.

    Having played the Strymon Lex lately it was excellent too, but not personally into Strymon pedals.

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    The Electro Harmonix B9 is a hoot and sounds a lot like the real thing. I combine it with my Tech21 Rotochoir and look out!

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    Helps to put a compressor in front of the ehx pedal.

    I have one, I think I used it twice. Too much shit to plug in.

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    The EH C9 is great. Just remember to play organ chords not guitar chords.

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    Charlie Hunter used a Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere for a few years when he was into copping a Hammond vibe.

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    I have the Electro Harmonix C9 which is very convincing. I would like to add the B9 but at 200+ per pedal, I'm not willing to play. The C9 makes you rethink your playing (rythm, comping and solos) so for me that has been its major benefit.

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    I have the B9. Great for blues-stuff and ”Green Onions”
    As others have mentioned, these pedals need to be getting used to by means of harmony, string attack and playing style in general. It has been good for me since my usual guitar playing skills have evolved.

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    I use an Ibanez Mini Chorus set to fast speed, for faux leslie sound. Not near as versatile but doesnt take up much room on my little board

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    Thanks guys