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    Hi, this caught my eye and it is now mine.. it is in terrible condition, it is falling apart ! It has a label and date of 1948 and wondered if anyone could give me some more information about it?
    It seems to be made as per a classical instrument with no inside kerfing, it is all solid timber and well braced with much binding, fancy headstock, and a Staufer screw for the neck.
    The label is quite distinctive with an acorn and oak leaf - I think it is from or made by Migma ?
    many thanks
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    Migma e.G. (it's an acronym for the builders' association + their location) - it's a sort of co-operative of musical instrument artisans. Yours was made in the communist half of Germany after the war.

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    I think that would make an attractive wall decoration. With enough money and work from a skilled luthier, it might become playable, and might or might not sound good.