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    Archtops often have the pickguard attached with two screws; one below the neck and the other at the bracket foot at the rim. The idea is to make the guard hover to prevent interference with the vibrating top. Sometimes a guard is stabilized by a tight routing for the pickup rings or it may rest on top of the dog ears of a P-90 etc. Sometimes the guard is just floating in mid air, totally relying on the bracket. This gives the guard a spongy feel, that one can either like or dislike and that can either be seen as an advantage or a disadvantage for players that use the guard as support for the pinky.

    By bending the bracket one could adjust the pickguard angle somewhat as well as the distance to the top. etc.
    I like some distance and some sponginess, but not too much. I'm contemplating to lower the guard a notch, and I'm thinking about putting some padding on the back of the guard that would stop the guard from flexing inwards too much. Such padding, should it come in contact with the top, must not react with the nitro finish long term. Felt would probably be ideal. I think some Gibson models, like the L-5, do have a small felt block beneath the guard, maybe mostly for protection, maybe to prevent flex, or both.

    Your thoughts?


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    Felt will work, cork will work, leather will work, closed-cell foam will work. I use closed-cell foam, because it's already at hand and easy to work. I try to set things up so that the foam block is not quite touching the top, but will if pressure is exerted on the pickguard. It's certainly possible to purchase felt pads if so inclined, but the foam block works well enough for me. I've seen no evidence of any interaction with the finish, after considerable time.

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    I use a piece of wine cork as the standoff for my pickguard on my arch top. It's set to be a millimeter or so above the top, just there to stop the pickguard from getting flexed to far downward.

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    Thanks fellows,
    Cork is attractive! Excellent choice, gentlemen.
    I'll pop a Chateau Margaux vintage 59 tonight. Old growth tone cork

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    Be sure to smell it first (not the guitar)