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    I found a sweet deal on this today. It’s like brand new, appears to not have been played. I have read up a bit on these, and so far it seems every bit as good as the reviews. It’s MIM, has a nice fat C neck, nitro finish. The pickups sound good, but when I compare to my other Tele (the blonde pictured below) with a Lollar CC in the neck and a Biltoft Vintage Vibe in the bridge it’s apparent that these p/u’s could use an upgrade. I still have the Biltoft VV that I swapped out of the neck of the other Tele. I think I’ll pick up a VV for the bridge and have both installed. Otherwise, it has a very vintage feel and the fit and finish is excellent. For a MIM Tele this a a great bang for the buck!

    50’s Tele Classic - Lacquer Finish-8b040840-958c-44d1-8d68-41cb9badbf7b-jpg50’s Tele Classic - Lacquer Finish-082447ee-b395-4967-b694-1f8d00a906ff-jpg50’s Tele Classic - Lacquer Finish-66287bfe-4885-4610-a8b0-9f0716b78856-jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images 50’s Tele Classic - Lacquer Finish-8094cc1d-e082-44db-9062-29c22f1d90af-jpg 50’s Tele Classic - Lacquer Finish-901329b2-fdaf-45c5-aaec-335df2490cf9-jpg 


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    Sweet looking Tele! Congratulations, and play it in good health!