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    Well, I’ve wanted a 17” archtop for a while. I had two to choose from, a ‘41 L7 and the one I went with, a ‘47 Triumph. I put some new strings on it and recorded this clip with my iPhone this morning at 6:30am before work. The audio obviously could be better but through headphones or good speakers it does give a decent feel for the tone of the guitar.


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    Congrats & enjoy. I love Epi’s

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    I love the sound of a vintage Epiphone! You've got a keeper there. Congratulations, and play it in good health!

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    Awesome barking sound! (And the finish looks pretty clean too!)

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    Congratulations on the guitar. I didn’t listen to the video yet, but I will in the morning. Were you able to play each of these before buying? What factors were involved in deciding on the Epi? I’m genuinely curious as I have never played either guitar, but would definitely love to take any old arch top for a spin.