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    I am trying Pyramid strings for the first time, I bought a set of Nickel flat wound and they sound very good well balanced very good tone and don't stretch much. But I have a question about how they are wrapped at the ends of the string, it looks to be thinner and wrapped strangely. Is this normal for these strings? Will it cause problems if I use a part of the end when I wrap a string on the tuner post. I ask because when I strung up my Jazz Box the D and A strings would not go around the post 2 full wraps, But could if I use more of the string end part where the wound looks strange. So again is this the normal look for pyramid strings flat wound?


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    contact max @ pyramid....he will take care of anything you need...an old school european string maker supreme!!..they make the hofner branded strings!!...incredible outfit! ...next to thomastik!!...email 'em